How about our unborn baby in week 8 of pregnancy? Look! Our baby is developing at a surprising rate (approximately a millimeter per day) with the size of a large raspberry. He looks like a reptilian, even if he has webbed toes and fingers. Interesting, at that moment, he is more baby-like since his nose, lips, eyelids, back and legs continue to shape. His heart is beating at the unbelievable rate of 150 times/1 minute. Sometimes, although we can find it really hard to feel it, he is making some spontaneous movements as he is twitching his tiny trunk as well as limb buds.

Week 8 Of Pregnancy And Its Noticeable Symptoms

  • Fatigue

What makes us so tired these times? In fact, pregnancy is truly a challenged work, and it is better for us to ask support from our loved ones such as our partner, family, close friends, etc. Having our spouse lend a hand signifies that we may have enough energy to go for a walk.

  • Food cravings and aversions

Crave some kinds of weird substances like laundry starch or clay? It is a right time to call our practitioner! These kinds of cravings are considered as Pica and might be a sign of the nutritional deficiency such as iron.

  • Nausea and vomiting

Actually, these queasy feelings can be still stinking in this week. It is advisable to try consuming foods with ginger such as real ginger ale, ginger cookies or ginger candies because it can be useful to reduce nausea and vomiting during pregnancy. While having dinner, attempt to take our prenatal vitamin, rather than let our stomach be empty. The chewable types can make us feel less queasy.

  • Bloating

As soon as being bloated, we are strongly advised to drink a lot of fluid and have a healthy diet to steer clear of constipation that only aggravates our bloated feeling.

  • Constipation

Truly, fiber may be our BFF in the battle against these sluggish intestines; thus, don’t forget to supplement our meal with some fibers. Nevertheless, pace ourselves if we are not getting acquainted with the fiber-rich diet or even we can find ourselves gassier than ever before. Replace the white rice by brown one and serve it with our roasted chicken and veggies, yet don’t overload our system with the dish of tofu, broccoli and brow rice, for instance.

8 Weeks Pregnant
  • Flatulence

Coupled with the constipation and bloating, there is another common symptom of pregnancy: flatulence or aka farting. At that time, the hormone called relaxin, in addition to progesterone, will be working to relax the muscles in our body involving those in our gastrointestinal tract. Of course, this can cause food to move slowly, leading towards indigestion and gassiness. What should we do to avoid it? When eating, try to relax as tension may cause us to swallow air coupled with our food that may form gas pockets in our belly.

  • Increased vaginal discharge

In the week 8 of pregnancy, we can experience the thin and milky vaginal discharge. Once increasing the blood flow to the pelvic area, estrogen will stimulate our body’s mucous membranes. It is believed that leukorrhea can protect the birth canal from the infection via maintaining the healthy balance of bacteria; thus, don’t attempt to wash or douche it away.

  • Increased sense of smell

In case our heightened sense of smell makes mealtime preparation unbearably, don’t hesitate to select foods that we don’t need to cook or ask our spouse to cook. Leave a window open if it is in the kitchen. If possible, we may cook foods that we can stand to consume.

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