At the present time, have we been 18 weeks pregnant, but still confused about what has been happening inside us? In fact, pregnancy always requires parents-to-be to equip themselves with great knowledge about their growing baby so that they’re able to detect anything unusual and dangerous as soon as possible. Wish to dig deep into more specific details? The article will feature some basic info about pregnancy of 18 weeks for clarification!

How About A Baby At 18th Week Pregnant?

Our child, at that moment, is using our tummy as fairly a little activity gym through week 18th, along with doing a lot of kicking, tumbling, and rolling around! He/she could even grasp hold of his/her umbilical cord! Believe it or not, if we are carrying a little princess, at such that long period, she will have already been developing eggs in her ovaries – how surprising this is!

What About An Expectant Mother At 18 Weeks Pregnant?

18 Weeks Pregnant

As mums-to-be, we will probably have the date for our anomaly scan, and it shall be taking place in the next few weeks. Now, the ultrasonographers is always making sure that our baby’s organs will be all right as they should be, as well as that our placenta is indeed healthy and in the proper position. Whereas carrying out such the checks, they can have the monitor turned away from us. However, we will be able to see our angel whenever they have completed.

In some cases, if we want, we’re also allowed to find out about the gender of our baby by this scan, although several hospitals seem to have their own policies on this. Are not much curious to discover what we are carrying inside? Try to ensure that we tell all with the ultrasonographers, so they will not inadvertently let any vital info slip!

At times, it may be very tough to decipher ultrasound images; therefore, please don’t feel bad if we cannot quite figure out what part of our baby is. Instead, all we should do is to simply ask the ultrasonographer to point out all to us. Needless to say, don’t forget to get the latest picture of our baby for the album!

Pregnancy Symptoms At 18 Weeks

Our growing bump probably indicates that we need to be wearing the larger size now. Nevertheless, the big sizes may be more beautiful. Remember to check out our section on putting a wonderful maternity wardrobe together for inspiration.

We may also recognize that shoes with the wider fitting tend to be more easeful because our feet might swell. Of course, don’t forget to pick up low heels in order that we shall be steadier on our feet once our belly expands.

What We Need To Bear In Mind

  • Calcium! Yes, we will be in need of more mineral and vitamin D in the 18th week of pregnancy for helping our kid to grow strong bones and teeth. Are not already taking a vitamin D supplement? Then, don’t be hesitant to ask our midwife about it. Furthermore, home-made yoghurt smoothies can be an incredible way to pack calcium and 5-a-day punch.
  • It is worth pointing out that during pregnancy, staying active will bring us many empowering benefits. However, attempt to consider some circumstances when they are not safer to exercise!
  • Are we remembering to do our pelvic floor exercises? If so, it’s time to find out the reasons why it is so important to work on our pelvic floor during pregnancy.
  • After a difficult meal, if heartburn may be making relaxation, then don’t hesitate to see our natural remedies for relieving our discomfort.
  • Figure out what it means if our midwife detects protein in our urine.

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