How about our unborn baby in week 10 of pregnancy? At that time, our baby has the size of the prune, and he has the small indentations on his legs that will become knees and ankles soon! His tiny arms have elbows which can bend. Beside his lovely mouth, the tiny buds of his teeth are likely to be forming under his gums. In addition, his kidneys and stomach are kicking into gear that will produce digestive juices and even urine. The testes of the male baby may even make testosterone.

Week 10 Of Pregnancy And Its Prominent Symptoms

  • Fatigue

Probably, we still feel as though our get-up-and-go has had a tendency to get up and go. Don’t worry! In this week, we may be feeling less tired. Don’t become the super mom-to-be in the time. Try to ask for assistance, get the rest and even work with some useful exercises as we can. Although it is likely to be counter-intuitive to go for a walk once we desire to crawl into bed, we shall feel peppier and sleep better.

  • Nausea and vomiting

When we are feeling queasy, what is the worst thing we may do? Skip a meal. In some cases, missing a meal merely makes these terrible feelings more intense. Nevertheless, if eating anything is truly turning our stomach, we are advised to try with acupressure or seasickness bands. Sometimes, holding a ginger candy in our mouth can not be a bad idea.

  • Food cravings and aversions

Between these queasy feelings and food aversions, we have kept our weight down. Is it all right? Yes, this is completely OK because our unborn kid’s nutritional needs are very minuscule at that moment. However, we don’t wish to go crazy on the cravings. We are allowed to indulge once in a while or even instead of a brownie, we can eat a bite-sized piece of chocolate. In case we find it hopeless of control our cravings, don’t hesitate to call a friend, head to the gym, go for a walk or read a book.

  • Heartburn and indigestion

Want to know how to avoid heartburn? Don’t consume anything while we are lying down or after eating a big meal, don’t lie down immediately! Once we sleep, don’t forget to make use of the pillows (about 6 inches) to prop up our head. This will keep these gastric juices down now!

10 Weeks Pregnant
  • Flatulence

When our hormones continue to relax all of our muscles, these muscles in our gastrointestinal tract tend to be relaxing too. It means that there will be more indigestion and intestinal gas. One of the most effective ways is to steer clear of some kinds of foods which produce the most gas. We can find it useful to keep the record of what we consume so that we can see whether there is a connection between foods or not. After that, we may avoid these unexpected triggers.

  • Occasional headaches

What has a tendency to account for these new headaches during pregnancy? They can be fatigue, stress and hunger. It is all right to use acetaminophen, yet not ibuprofen. It is very necessary to try other methods of soothing our savage head such as lying down in the dark room, taking fresh-air breaks or putting the cold compress on our neck or face.

  • Occasional faintness or dizziness

In week 10 of pregnancy, our body is still acquainted with the blood pumping through it. As a result, it is no surprise to understand why we feel dizzy at times. Try to guarantee to sit or lie down when we feel light-headed. In order to minimize dizzy spells, it is advisable to stay hydrated and carry the healthy snacks for the quick blood-sugar boost.

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