For those who are at the third week of pregnancy, be judicious to equip yourself with the vital information about this milestone of the first trimester such as the baby’s growth, your body’s changes, tips, and some visible symptoms. Bear in mind that all the changes will occur in an instant from ovulation to fertilization! Throughout week 3 of conception, your baby-to-be has formed his or her own form as the tiny crew of cells once the sperm has conquered the egg successfully. As long as the fertilization starts, your baby is about to arrive.

Baby’s Existence in Week 3 of Pregnancy

It is lucky that you’re now conceived as the expected result of love. The baby will come soon with the wonderful transformation from the tiny cell to a virtual infant. In week 3, the fertilized egg (or ovum) will divide itself several times before shaping as the little ball of microscopic cells. Interestingly, it is smaller than the period at the end of a sentence. Meanwhile, the blastocyst will travel from the fallopian tube to the uterus to implant itself in the uterine wall. Later, it will grow immeasurably for the next 9 months.

In Week 3 Of Pregnancy, What Happens To Mother’s Body?

Normally, almost all mamas-to-be don’t realize the separation and changes of the fertilized ovum running to their uterus. Nevertheless, some sensitive transitions in their body from hormones to morning sickness somehow make the women feel the parental bond with the unborn kids. Your body will alter to be suitable for the blastocyst to move towards the uterus.

At that time, your will consciously produce the pregnancy hormones namely progesterone and estrogen that are significant for the immense transformation of the body’s patterns. The common traits of morning sickness will come soon. Perhaps, no one notices the changes from the outside look, but YOU.

3 Weeks Pregnancy Symptoms
Pregnancy Tip about Ovulation and Smell Realization in Week 3

Some mothers-to-be are sensitive enough to realize the strong smell, while some actually aren’t. Anyway, notice that the strong smell is the notable sign indicating that you are ovulating. The heightened sense of smell helps to figure out the lure of your mate’s pheromones, the attractive scent that makes your baby-making sex go into overdrive. Even though the scientists are not entirely sure why this happens, the event creates the good results on passion and romance. Therefore, many wedded couples are attentive enough to take advantage of the highly fertilizable time to boost the chances in the natural way.

What Are Symptoms Of Pregnancy In Week 3?

First of all, your BBT (basal body temperature) will rise during the third week. As normal, such the temperature is low when your body is about to experience ovulation. Then, it will rise a degree when you actually ovulate. It is caused by hormone estrogen that lowers your BBT for the fertilizable purposes. In order to make the uterus advantageous for the arrival of fertilized egg, your BBT needs to be raised afterwards.

During the last period of week 2, your cervical mucus is cloudy and thin. However, when it comes to week 3, the mucus turns to be thinner and clearer with the egg-white consistency. It forms the favorable status for the sperm to head towards the ovum.

Last but not least, the possible pain at the lower abdomen is caused when an ovary releases an egg (also known as mittelschmerz meanings “middle pain” in German). Such the ache usually occurs in one side, the side that the women are ovulating from. As 1 of 4 women will feel the same ache in the lower abdominal zone, do not worry excessively when sensing the series of cramps!

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