When it comes to 17 weeks pregnant, the mothers-to-be begin feeling that the growing baby is moving slightly inside the wombs. Week 17 marks the changes of the little one on pounds (about 150g). Right in this milestone, the baby is growing very rapidly. It is reported that the little ones’ faces look entirely like humans. Especially, their eyebrows and eyelashes have begun to develop. Regardless of this, their eyelids are still fused shut even though the eyes can be moved around. That is what science says about the baby! How about the pregnant moms? What happens to them in the 17 weeks of pregnancy?

Pregnant Women at 17 Weeks of Pregnancy

Within the intuitive feeling about the slight motions of the little ones, the pregnant women sense the baby’s wriggle around. In fact, the babies actually moves excitingly right in this stage. That enables the mothers-to-be to feel more connected with them. Some moms describe that the unborn kid is as bubble in their tummy while others claim that it is like a butterfly flying around the wombs. Anyway, it is taken for granted that the baby is growing quickly right in this trimester.

17 Weeks Pregnant

Obviously, the mamas feel a bit more vigorous and less tired. By keeping themselves healthy and active, the women are able to carry happily throughout the stage. So, what to think of in week 17? Occasionally, moms’ minds are dominated by the heavy stuff about the virtual birth. When each week passes and it comes to week 17, it is inspired to think of the progress and many new perspectives about the parental bond with the unborn creature. Since the extreme worries can drive the moms to become overwhelmed, they are advised to keep going ahead with the adequate nutrients and care.

In order to reduce the unnecessary stress about the pregnant status and birth, share the worries with the mates openly! Of course, try not to let the worries or anxieties spoil your pregnant experience. It is the BIG attempt to go on healthy till 17 weeks. Therefore, always speak to your mind to take more control over its swing. The common symptoms of pregnancy like fatigue, morning sickness, breasts’ tenderness, food cravings, etc., have passed and you are about to welcome the cute baby in the very near days.

Learn More about Baby’s Growth at Week 17 Pregnant

Noticeably, the baby now is practicing sucking and swallowing. How great the baby has grown! Right in this milestone, the little one weighs about three-and-a-haft ounces within the size of your palm (5-inch-long). In reference to the baby’s heart rate, it is controlled by the brain that beats from 140 to 150 times per minute. Via the sucking and swallowing practice, the little ones come prepared to the real life: they will suckle at your breasts or the bottles easily. In reality, nearly all of the survival reflexes of the infants are formed right in 17 weeks.

It is interesting to know that the baby’s fingerprints are forming now. There exist many proofs proving that the little one’s fingerprints are shaped in the week 17. Then, the pads on his or her fingertips and toes are created with the distinctive swirls and creases in the later weeks. Lovely speaking, the unborn child now has capabilities to listen to your voice. In fact, various loud noises such as dog barking, doorbell ringing, etc., can eventually startle the little ones. The startle reaction is done via many kinds of noises. Along with that, the little eyes also make small side-to-side motions to obtain some light even though the eyelids are still covered or sealed.

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