It has been truly 16 weeks into our pregnancy, and we do not really know what to expect. There seem to be many nagging questions in our mind, such as “What is happening to my little angel inside me?”, “What are some problems I could face?” and so forth. Don’t be hesitant to consult this article because it’ll list out anything we may expect once we are 16 weeks pregnant.

How Is Our Baby At Week 16?

16 Weeks Pregnant

Her eyes are actually working
At that time, our kid may weigh at a whopping 3 to 5 ounces, and she’s now 4 to 5 inches in length. The tiny muscles and backbone in her back are gaining strength; thus, she is able to straighten out her neck and head even more. Thanks to her increasing facial muscles, our angel can even make a couple of expressive frowns and squints at this early stage. Believe it or not, her eyes are also working, which makes small side-to-side movements as well as perceiving light, even though her eyelids are still sealed!

Her skin is transparent
Our fetus is now becoming a looker, with a face having eyebrows and eyelashes, but it’s just a skinny looker. The following is the skinny on our unborn kid’s skin: It is practically translucent. As a result, if we take a peek inside our uterus, sometimes, we even find it easy to see her blood vessels under the thin skin.

She can hear our voice!
Tiny bones in the ears of our fetus are in place, which will make it likely that our little baby is capable of hearing our voice once we are speaking or singing at 16 weeks pregnant. Actually, lots of the studies have found that babies, who hear a song whereas they are still in the womb, may recognize the same tune whenever it seems to be sung to them after they are born!

How About Us – The Future Mother? What Issues Can We Face?

Here will be several the key troubles that most of the mamas-to-be might face during the 16 weeks of pregnancy:

  • There can be traces of nasal nosebleeds and congestion.
  • There could be an increase in our blood pressure, which causes it to overdrive into the high blood pressure.
  • We can experience the certain instances of aches and back pains.
  • At this stage, we are more prone to losing our balance, remember!
  • Some expectant mothers even experience constipation. One of the crucial reasons here is that the growing uterus tends to put pressure on the bowels, and then block normal movements.
  • It is worth noting that there will be severe tenderness and enlargement in our breasts. This occurs since the excess blood is being sent in this direction for development of milk.
  • At 16 weeks pregnant, varicose veins may also develop inside us. This happens by virtue of the sudden weight gain.
  • There can be also an increase in vaginal discharge. In fact, this is really healthy for our body although it could cause irritation. We’re allowed to wash it off with water, but please don’t attempt to clean it with wipes or scented tissues.
  • Being in 16 weeks pregnant, and realize that nothing is showing? Don’t worry! Though some ladies can start to show early on in their pregnancy, others seem not to even exhibit anything till 22 weeks. Hence, just relax, and we shall begin to show soon.
  • On the 16 week mark, dozens of women also complain of cramps. The reasons can lay behind the development of gas in their body. There is truly a lot of pressure that is put on the stomach, the bowels, and the digestive health – a combination of which might lead to cramping.

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