How about our unborn baby in week 11 of pregnancy? Our kid has been quietly busy this week with fingernails, ovaries and growing hair follicles (if this is a pretty girl). At that time, she possesses the distinct characteristics like human with hands and feet in front, ears nearly in her final shape, a tongue and palate in her mouth, open nasal passages in the tip of her nose and even visible nipples. It sounds great, right? What else? Her hands and feet also have individual fingers and toes.

Week 11 Of Pregnancy And Its Remarkable Symptoms

  • Frequent urination

It is supposed that pregnancy hormone hCG that increases the blood flow to the pelvic area and kidneys can make us feel the necessity for peeing almost all the time. Think about cutback in our fluid intake? It is truly a bad idea! One of the main reasons here is that we and our baby-to-be are really in need of staying hydrated. If possible, we are strongly advised to cut back on some kinds of caffeinated drinks since they may increase our need to urinate frequently.

  • Breast tenderness and noticeable changes

At this point, our growing breasts can be a turn-on for our spouse because they look very attractive. However, our achy boobs are actually a turn-off for us. Don’t hesitate to tell gently our partner about our extra-sensitive breasts. Don’t worry! He will sympathize with us and understand why we can not be up for lovemaking or even the heavy-duty hug.

  • Nausea and vomiting

Still get a sense of morning sickness in all day, regardless of morning, noon or night? Now, try to raise us up and remove all of our worries because the odds are very good we have 1 or 2 weeks left of queasiness. Most of the moms-to-be can not experience nausea over the weeks 12 to 14.

  • Food cravings and aversions

Be still gagging on the smell of our favorite foods? Be craving for meat although we were practically a vegetarian? In fact, the good news here is that those freaky food preferences can be lessened by our fourth month. It is advisable for expectant mothers to supplement their meals with sufficient vitamin and healthy substances. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water!

11 Weeks Pregnant
  • Excessive saliva

Although experts have not been totally sure what causes this unwanted symptom, the most convincing explanation is the darn pregnancy hormones. Don’t forget to keep our mouth as minty-fresh and dry as possible via brushing our teeth frequently. If necessary, we are also allowed to chew some kinds of sugarless gum for having cool breath and reducing excessive saliva.

  • Bloating

How may our belly feel inflated once our fetus is still only 2 inches long? At this moment, it is often said that the progesterone in our system has caused our gastrointestinal tract to relax that may slow digestion and leave us feeling over-bloated.

  • Occasional faintness or dizziness

When our body is not producing enough blood in order to fill our expanding circulatory system, it will lead towards dizziness and fainting. The best way to prevent light-headedness is to keep our blood sugar stable with small and regular meals throughout the day and keep healthy snacks nearby at all times.

  • Fatigue

Are our two favorite positions in this week lying down and sitting? Obviously, pregnancy fatigue is totally normal. That is because we are running a baby-making factory 24/7 in which we are the only staff and on the clock around the clock. It will cause our pregnant body to work harder at rest. Try to balance our job, activities, diet, sleep, etc. wisely and properly.

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