It is really an unforgettable moment to know that we have a new addition to our family soon. Wish to guess the gender of our unborn baby? Yes, this is always a strong desire of many expectant mothers who are dying to find out, yet not revealed till the first ultrasound. Actually, in some countries where the gender determination tends to be legally banned, parents seem to have no choice, but to let this curiosity remain the suspense until the due date.

Think that there is no way to control our eagerness, and cannot wait to know our baby’s sex? Then, an old wives’ tales and other different baby gender prediction techniques will lend us a hand! Although these methods are unscientific, they are surprisingly precise. One of them – the Chinese gender predictor chart – is often by far the most accurate way to identify the baby’s gender.

A Brief History of the Chinese Gender Prediction Calendar

To be known as a patriarchal society, China was apt to favor the birth of males over girls because males were believed to carry forward family legacy. Additionally, the country has been a traditional land, so having more boys in a family meant having more hands to work in the fields. Meanwhile, the girls had a tendency to stay at home till they reached sixteen or seventeen, and were described as an expense to their families. As a result, it is not hard to understand why there has been the strong distinction between the 2 sexes which might have been a probable cause for the increase of the calendar.

The Chinese Lunar Calendar, or also known as the Chinese Gender Predictor Chart, is thus considered as one of the most ancient methods of foretelling the gender of a kid prior to his/her birth. This 7,000-year-old calendar that was apparently explored buried in a royal tomb near Beijing, is said to have been devised by a Chinese scientist.

Of course, the use of this chart has also popularly increased in China due to the government policies, which require the couples to restrict reproduction to a single baby. One of the beauties of the Chinese Gender Birth Chart is that it is partly able to predict the child’s gender before a lady even conceives, in which its accuracy rate is supposed to be above 90 percent.

The Most Accurate Chinese Gender Calendar

Truly, this figure tends to be in dispute, with some saying that it is merely 75% accurate, while the skeptics pooh-pooh this method as being more in the 50% range of precision. These days, more and more individuals around the world prefer to make use of this chart to guess the genders of their coming babies. Regardless of the results, it has become fairly a favorite amongst many moms-to-be.

How To Calculate This Calendar For The Bright Outcomes?

The first thing we should keep in mind before utilizing the Chinese gender birth chart is that it is often based on the lunar cycle, instead of the Gregorian calendar. Hence, as the expectant mothers, we are required to know our lunar age clearly in order that we may accurately guess the gender of our kid. Here is its general rule:

  • If the mama-to-be was born between 1st of January and 20th of February (of course, including these two dates), make use of her current age.
  • If the mama-to-be was born between 21st of February and 31st December (of course, including these two dates), add 1 year to her present age.

After that, determine the month of conception. Again, this should be according to the lunar month, remember! We might see the sex of our child by matching our age at the time of getting conception with the month where the baby was actually conceived. Plus, this calendar often works for pregnant ladies in the age-group of 18-45.

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