Identifying the baby’s gender is not be a big challenge in the modern era of science and technology, thanks to the support from such the great machines like Ultrasound and CT Scan being widely spread all over the globe. Take a time to think about the times when humans didn’t even know the basis of conception and birth. Thus, during these dark ages, the Chinese found a calendar to guess the sexes of the children before they were born. Actually, the calculations relating to the predictions have proved right in some situations, making it inevitable to suppose that the calendar owns some truths regarding its findings. Up to now, many couples are really aware of the calendar, either just for fun or in reality, for predicting their babies’ genders before they were born.

How To Use Chinese Gender Chart Correctly?

The Chinese Gender Prediction Chart and Its Brief History

We all know that China has a past of developing the patriarchal societies, tended to favor the birth of boys over girls. Why? The reason is very simple: because boys were believed to carry forward their family legacy. Furthermore, China has been the agricultural society, so having more males meant more hands to work on their fields and bring in more money.

Besides, the girls had a tendency to stay at home until they reached the nubile age (around sixteen or seventeen), and were described to be an expense to the family. Additionally, according to the Chinese’s belief, only boys might carry on the family farming/business and inherit the ancestral property. As a result, the distinction between these 2 genders could have been one of the primary causes for the development of the Chinese Gender Chart.

This calendar – Chinese Gender Predictor Calendar, also called as The Chinese Birth Chart or The Chinese Lunar Calendar – is considered as one of the oldest methods to guess the sex of a baby prior to its birth. Interestingly, this 700-year-old chart was discovered in a royal tomb near Beijing and devised by an ancient Chinese scientist.

How To Read Chinese Gender Prediction Calendar Correctly?

Legend has it stated that this special chart is totally able to predict the gender of an unborn child based on the mom’s age, coupled with the month when this child was conceived. Depending upon an unscientific survey of the Internet pregnancy message boards, the calendar has a pretty high rate of precision, but we only may know whether the chart was right or wrong after our baby is born. Here is its brief instruction:

  1. Seek an ancient Chinese gender prediction chart on the Internet now!
  1. After that, we need to find our age at the time moment of getting conception – this number could be found on top of the chart. Next, look for the month when our baby is conceived – this number will be found at the left side of the chart. It is the right time to search for the point where the correct column and row will intersect. The “M” word indicates a boy when the “F” word indicates a girl. In some charts, the “M” word can be replaced by the “B”, and the “F” is replaced by the “G”.
  1. Try with the modern Chinese gender prediction chart. This calendar is very similar to the ancient Chinese one, but we should take our actual date of birth and date of conception into account, not merely the months or years that these events happened. Don’t remember the actual date of conception? Don’t worry! We are allowed to enter our unborn child’s due date though this way isn’t deemed as exact as the conception date.
  1. How to use this modern chart? Enter our birth date and the date of conception or the due date of our unborn baby. Next, click on “Calculate” to see the results.

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