Providing hundreds of interesting pleasure and benefits, twins can double your happiness with the stronger bond and parental attention. For all reasons, having twin pregnancy is the extreme experience that not every woman can gain. Thus, if you are on the quest for making baby boy twins, Chinese Birth Chart is the effective recommendation to settle. Beside the existence of the old wives’ tales, the ancient Chart is what you need to reinforce the hope and make it come true!

By planning ahead to have the most fertilizable act of love, responsible parents can enjoy their intercourse with great pleasure and bright purposes. Then, they can do nothing wiser than making some necessary arrangements around room decor, nutritional feed, etc. Be mindful that not every adult can have the equally effective treatment on the two boys! Hence, if you want to make baby boy twins, make sure you are impartial parents!

Calculate the Baby Boy Twins by Applying Chinese Birth Chart

Before the time of conception, it is very crucial to time your intercourse for the specific purpose. According to Chinese Gender Chart, you can predetermine the baby’s gender by considering two aspects: Mother’s Lunar Age when getting pregnant and Conception Month in which the babies were conceived. Honestly, no one can secure the Chart’s authenticity up to 100% accurate. Therefore, smartly utilize the Chart for entertainment purposes only!

How To Make Baby Boy Twins Via Chinese Birth Chart

No matter whether the unborn kids are twins or single, the Chart helps to select the baby’s gender based on the Conception Months. For instance, the 27-year-old women are most likely to give birth to the boy babies when they get pregnant during the advantageous months of March, April, June, September, November, and December. Apparently, it is somewhat the matter of heredity to become the double baby-bearer in some cases! The ancient Chart is merely used for predicting and predetermining the kids’ sex before the virtual birth.

Thankfully, every dot of anxiety or stress can be released after consulting the Chart for reference. As a 25-year-old mother, you will have more chances to conceive the BOY twins when being pregnant during the stages of February, April, June, August, October, November, and December. Notice that no one is entirely sure about the twin results! However, it is taken for granted that the unborn kids are BOY. Anyway, the Chart is the supportive tool for all expectant mothers to release their curiosity and gain comfort.

The two boys can definitely add much enthusiasm and interest into your pregnant stage. Hence, be positive to wait for the expected outcome with your personal attempts due to the ancient Chart. In addition, there exist numerous natural ways to get pregnant with twins such as changing the diet, drinking some essential substances, and varying the positions of intercourse. After all, such the pregnancy is the absolute experience and magnetic feeling that no woman refuses to obtain. Carrying two creatures developing in your bodies, your parental bond to them is more intriguing than anything in the world.

Factors Influence the chances of having Twins

Being created from the two conceived eggs, the creation of identical twins may sometimes go beyond our control. Family record of twins is the foremost factor. For most cases, the heredity plays a significant role in the fraternal twins. The twin gene will be passed from generation to generation. Thus, ask to see whether your mother’s side or father’s side has history of double babies or not!

Other factors affecting your chances include your ages and ethnicity. For instance, African American mothers have more tendencies to give birth to boy twins than Asian women. What’s more, older women are more likely to get twins.

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