Getting pregnant is what almost all women desire to gain after a happy period of expected marriage. It is lucky that you now have a baby developing in your body and you are so curious about the baby’s gender that you can’t stand waiting for the time of an ultrasound scan. Want to know whether it is a girl or a boy? Why don’t you take a first glance at Chinese Gender Chart? Take it for fun!

Discover Your Baby’s Sex With The Fun Gender Prediction Tool – Chinese Gender Chart!

It is informed that Chinese Gender Chart is also termed as Chinese Birth Chart or Chinese Pregnancy Chart. Legend says that the Chart has its origin in Beijing and is more than 700 years old. Up to now, the modern scientists are unable to verify the validity of this legend. Anyway, the popular interest in the Chart still persists as humans’ curiosity is unlimited.

This age-old Chart works under the light of two core elements: mother’s lunar age at the time of conception and the month when the baby is conceived. According to the Chinese calendar (a lunisolar one), it is advised to avoid conception during the leap months. Generally speaking, the Chart is said to be 93% accurate. Try it and see how accurately it foretells your baby’s gender.

Chinese Lunar Calendar

Additionally, the Chart can also be used to help the expectant parents to choose the gender of their babies before conception. It means the women will know how to get pregnant with a baby boy or how to conceive a baby girl. It is very helpful and supportive indeed. If you are planning to get pregnant and would like to choose your baby’s sex, you can do nothing better than taking advantage of this helpful chart.

Discover Your Baby’s Sex With The Fun Gender Prediction Tool – Chinese Gender Chart!

After all, everybody is advised to be smart about the time and energy they spend seeking help from the Chinese Gender Chart. Never rely solely and seriously on the Chart. It is much wiser to take it for fun and as reference whenever needed. In a word, regardless of whether your baby is a girl or a boy, they are generally considered to be “lotus bulbs” that need parents’ love and care. In return, they can make a considerable contribution to the success and happiness of your marital life such as cementing the natural and romantic bond between parents, soothing a father’s racing mind, releasing a mother’s jealousy, and so forth.

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