Chinese Astrology

This variant of horoscope has its origin in both astronomy and Chinese calendar. It started to grow strongly in Han dynasty (between the second century BC and second century AD). It’s also close to the Chinese philosophy in some ways, and has some connections with the union of three vital elements including earth, water and heaven. Yin and Yang concept can be seen in this form of astrology, and it mostly involves the opposite forces depending on one another in this world. There are many dual traits like light and darkness, high and low, life and death, and sorts of things. In other words, everything existing in this world has both yin and yang, but it doesn’t imply that such two forces won’t be interconnected or complementary. They’re more like the separate things, but it’s hard to tear them apart.

In Chinese area, Wu Xing training is also found in this form. It’s commonly called the Five Elements, Five Phases or Five Processes. In fact, it’s actually a conceptual art utilized to help humans to interpret a wide range of phenomena in the natural world. Everything pertaining to the planetary cycles, inner organisms, and a sequence of political modes will be covered in Wu Xing, the Five Phases containing the Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water. In Chinese, the term “Wu” stands for the tree while “Xing” represents the alternations of the processes. Each factor in Five Phases has its own significance and usually goes along with one certain state in nature:

Chinese Gender Predictor Calculator

– Wood (a symbol for spring): It’s used to depict the approximate period of development bringing the great vitality and richness to the wood.
– Fire (a symbol for summer): It’s time for the flowering and energy infusion.
– Earth: It’s called the Late summer or long summer in which the balance and fruition are coming closer.
– Metal (a symbol for autumn): This is the right time to collect and harvest good results.
– Water (a symbol for winter): Every living being is trying to look for the calm and places for their retreat.

Chinese Gender Predictor Calculator

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