Is it a male or female baby according to your newly used Chinese gender chart? Just give it a try, since that gender chart will exceed more than 700 years old and said to be found in an ancient royal tomb a long time ago. It’s assumed to be the best predictor tool for baby’s gender depending on your own Chinese Lunar age at the point of time you’re pregnant, and the Chinese Lunar month of your conception.

Chinese Baby Gender Predictor Accuracy

That predictor calculates those numbers for you. In fact, there’s no scientific evidence proving that Chinese gender chart or calendar really works, but because we know that there are actually two choices for every pregnant woman to make – approximately 50 percent of the time when you could suppose it to be the right direction. Besides, it’s kind of entertaining to try your hand on it!

As for the Chinese baby gender predictor calendar that was supposedly found after several years of Chinese scientific investigation about more than 700 ago. Actually, we heard that there are a large number of people living in the Far East who would have any great thinking about that calendar, and approximately 99 percent of the accuracy!

Though you trust it or not, it’s sure that it may contain a lot of fun to utilize in case that you wish to have a baby. What are you waiting for? This is such a great opportunity of examining the sex of your baby with the amazingly fun Chinese baby gender predictor tool, not to mention about this old-age gender predictor tool depending on the your month and age of conception.

When you ask about its real accuracy in reality, the precision in this case will be the bottom line for the whole confusion. If anyone likes to benefit a lot from such accurate results, it’s important to understand that the mother’s age at her conception and the month in which the baby is conceived. Be certain about such dates that do not come from the Gregorian calendar which most people around the world are presently using instead of employing the Lunar calendar.

Just let each of us explain it for you in detail so that you could perceive how to do it. Thus, let’s begin with the real age of yours at first to be aware of the day you were conceived, especially in the Western world. For that reason, you’re recommended to add 09 months to your age to start with. It’s necessary that the New Year of Chinese may vary from year to year, or just fall between the 22nd of January and the 22nd of February.

There must be some effects placed on the mother’s age as it’s about the Chinese New Year on her year of conception. After following this step, it’s essential to determine the month of conception once again by the use of that calendar. The big day has come much closer and let yourself know certainly if it’s the right choice for you or not when taking this online predictor tool. Spend more time determining those two dates and after doing that, it’s just the matter of discovering the dates the mother has come up with based on the Chinese Lunar calendar when it comes to the baby’s gender selection. About 02 columns that need to be followed until those two finally intersect somewhere in the chart, if it’s a girl, the square is pained in pink, and it’s a boy that square is blue.

Pregnancy Myths
  • Myth 1: when the belly of a pregnant woman hangs low or in front, it means to be a boy. If the belly hangs high or in the middle, it’s said to be a girl.
  • Myth 2: Notice your baby’s heart beats, since if it beats faster than 140 beats per minute, then it’ll be a girl.
  • Myth 3: hand the ring attached to a string over your pregnant belly. If that ring spins in circle position, it’ll be a girl, but sways back and forth, it’ll be a boy.

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