When it comes to week 4 of pregnancy, the fertilized egg has reached its home, your uterus, for the immeasurable growth in the next 9 months. During this period, your baby’s body starts developing with some fundamental parts. The blastocyst is split to form the placenta and the embryo as well. That creates the primary look at the unborn baby.

Baby’s Existence in Week 4 of Pregnancy

The ball of cells in this stage is smaller than a poppy seed. Luckily, they will then develop as a baby in the journey from the fallopian tube to the uterus. Right after the journey has completed and the fertilized egg has settled in its new destination, it will be split into two smaller parts. While the half (the embryo) develops as your baby, the other half creates the placenta that nurtures his or her life until the virtual birth. Later, it is time for the multilayered embryo to grow forming some essential parts of the baby’s patterns.

In that sense, the inner layer (or endoderm) will blossom into the baby’s digestive system, lungs, and liver. Otherwise, the middle layer (or mesoderm) will become your baby’s heart, bones, kidneys, sex organs, and muscles. Last but not least, the outer layer (or ectoderm) is the perfect ingredient for the unborn kid’s hair, eyes, skin, and nervous system. Of course, the healthy kids will never lack any of these layers for the robust development.

Mother’s Body Patterns During Week 4 Of Pregnancy

The mother’s body will go through the series of transformation at the same time when her baby starts its brilliant changes to the multilayered embryo. The mamas-to-be will begin displaying her early pregnancy symptoms with cramping, bloating, and mood swings. In some cases, such the early signs are the same as the symptoms of premenstrual period. Thus, you will probably get the implantation bleeding with the light red, pink, or even brown substances. When does this symptom happen? It is exactly when the egg settles in its home, your uterus.

In addition, it is normal to sense the little pressure or heavy in the abdominal area. Thus, no need to worry about it seriously! Meanwhile, your breasts also become tender and bigger on the whole. Be ready for such the visible changes in preparation!

Pregnancy Tip for Week 4: Specifying Your Due Date
4 Weeks Pregnant

It is informed that your calculated due date is 40 weeks getting started from the first day of the last period. Does it make sense? If you get the point, and give birth on the due date, your baby will only be nurtured in the uterus in 38 weeks, not 40. Why so? It is because the pregnant period is counted from the 2 weeks before the baby is actually conceived. That means who cost about 4 weeks of pregnancy before you can exactly use the pregnancy test. After all, knowing the due date beforehand helps to plan for your baby’s debut rightly!

What to Know About Pregnancy Symptoms in Week 4

Informatively, some women still have implantation bleeding in week 4 of pregnancy. If it is your case, don’t worry as it is the usual sign that the embryo has successfully implanted into the uterine wall! In fact, spotting is the good sign of baby’s healthy growth! Otherwise, if you don’t have spotting, is there anything wrong? Notice that only the small percentage of women can experience the bleeding! Hence, you may belong to the other large group of mamas-to-be either.

What’s more, various symptoms like tender breast, bloating, mood swings may become more visible than before. That means the increased amount of progesterone and estrogen will make your breast sore with the little full. How about bloating? The progesterone hormone may slow down your digestion so that your baby can receive more nutrients from the bloodstream easily.

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