Among various top-used tools of Baby Gender Prediction, Ancient Chinese Gender Chart is proudly regarded as the oldest one that has amassed the huge number of expectant mothers across the globe. Guess how old the Chart is? Historically, it is over 700 years old. Amazing, right? Nowadays, there are more and more versions of the tool that somehow makes it quite awkward to trace the REAL Chart for the accurately predicted results.

How to Trace the Real Chinese Gender Chart

Once accessing the sites offering the FREE Birth Chart Generator, ones can vividly find lots of clients’ reviews about the effectiveness of the ancient tool. While some thanks for the awesome results, others devalue the Chart because of its inaccurate predictions. Whatever the outcome, it is the Ultrasound Scan that can confirm whether you have a baby BOY or GIRL. In general, parents with the expected babies tend to feel excited with the sites and recommend them to everyone.

Therefore, be mindful to consult others’ ideas about the sites featuring the REAL Chart that generally taps the nail right on the head at least 85%! In addition to the seekers’ feedback, don’t forget to examine the Chart’s history in order to form the right judgment over the Chart’s layout as well as operation. Please note that there are only two essential elements indicated in the Birth Chart: Mother’s lunar age at the time of conception and Conception Month in which a baby was conceived.

Within these 2 elements, the Online Gender Generator automatically calculates the gender of the unborn kid for reference. By tracing the corresponding box labeled by letters (B or G) or colors (Blue or Pink), ones know clearly if they will give birth to a BOY or GIRL. Notice that the ancient Gender Chart works on the basis of the Chinese lunar calendar that presents the dates due to the phases of the Moon.

Learn About Real Chinese Gender Chart

Hence, the mother’s Gregorian age must be converted into the Lunar Age by adding 1 year to it. Otherwise, the online program will automatically calculate it for all. Since there is a variety of Birth Chart available on the World Wide Web, you’d better visit the sites giving the Chart with good layout and clear result. The mother’s age at the time of conception can be presented in the vertical side whereas the month of conception is denoted in the horizontal one and vice versa.

Objectively speaking, this means of Baby Gender Prediction works on the belief that women of the same age mostly give birth to babies of the same gender. For instance, a 21-year-old woman who gets pregnant in January is more likely to conceive a BOY. With such the belief, the Chart is normally used for entertainment purposes since no one guarantees it with the solid evidence of 100% accuracy.

What to Expect from Baby Gender Chart

Based on ones’ selection, the Online Generator will show their baby gender during different ages and months. The table cross reflecting your age and month of conception is the great resource to add peace to mind. In addition to predicting the kids’ gender, some programs also work with the baby’s name suggestions, the mom’s due date, the baby’s Zodiac sign and its characteristics, parents’ compatibility, etc.

Beside the art of gender prediction, the ancient Chart is also activated as the preconception tool that enables ones to conceive a baby with gender of their favorite. The Chart gives you opportunities to plan for the baby-making sex in some advantageous months. For example, women at 30 years old are advised to have intercourse during the months of January, November, and December to give birth to a BOY of choice.

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