It’s always fun to learn the compatibility between 12 Chinese zodiac animals. Here, in this post, we’d love to present to you the Chinese Zodiac Dragon Compatibility. If you’re a Dragon, which Lunar Animal signs will form the best match with you when it comes to relationship? Depend on the basic characteristics (featuring the unique twist) of each animal, you will easily know how well (or not well) you match with your partner.

Chinese Zodiac Dragon Compatibility and Your Relationship

Most Dragon people are usually in a passive situation (they don’t have a tendency to actively pursue others). Rather than demanding love from the partner, they would like to develop the relationship naturally. Generous, self-disciplined, and honest…the Dragons have a capacity to win others’ hearts. A person of this animal sign, once falling in love, will live in the past for a long time. The married life of Dragons started late though, it’s pretty smooth and harmonious.

Dragon’s compatibility with 12 Zodiac animals:

  • Perfect match: The Rat, Tiger, and Snake
  • Good friends: The Dragon and Pig
  • Worst pairs: The Ox, Sheep, and Dog

According to 2017 Chinese Zodiac Dragon Compatibility, male Dragons usually feel nervous, sensitive, and anxious when starting a stable relationship (they’re afraid of behaving improperly). They can be caring and disgruntled at the same time because of their over-sensitiveness. If there is any setback in their relationship, they will react emotionally. The Dragon men will be more responsible after getting married.

And, unlike the nervous men, the female Dragons love dressing themselves beautifully to please their partner. In a relationship, they will be devoted, prudent, and considered to show their true feelings. Of course, they also want the loved one give more love as a reward. These women need quite a long time to decide whether the current boyfriend can become their partner for the rest of life. They’re willing to stay at home and be a hardworking housewife.

That’s all related to Chinese Zodiac Dragon Compatibility that we want to mention to you. Feel free to contact us and ask more issues you’re confused, ok?