Looking for an ancient tool that can foretell the gender of your unborn kid? Also crave for another tool to select the baby’s sex for the most advantageous intercourse? Needless to look further since all things you need have been incorporated into the Chinese Birth Chart! Have you ever heard anything about the mysterious Chart? According to the legend, the Chart is now over 700 years old that was discovered in a royal tomb. Nowadays, worldwide expectant mothers also look for the Chart’s assistance so that they can get pregnant and give birth wholesomely.

A Glimpse of Ancient Chinese Gender Chart to Notice

Being used to predict the kid’s gender before the virtual birth, the ancient Chinese Gender Chart is generally regarded as the oldest means of Baby Gender Prediction. Have the roots in Beijing, the Chinese tool is claimed to be accurate and insightful enough to ease mothers’ mind and heart. Nonetheless, there hasn’t been any evidence proving the Chart’s accuracy; so it is mainly used for the sense of entertainment. Whatever your thoughts about the ancient method, it embraces the mysterious history that inspires both seekers and researchers to get involved with it in the long run.

Historically, the ancient Chinese mostly preferred boys over girls due to the need of having more farmers and soldiers. Therefore, they created the Birth Chart so that they can predetermine the kids’ sex and predict it ahead of time. As a result, the Chart somehow helped the Chinese to take more control over their pregnancy as well as the babies’ gender as expected. However, it is worth pointing out that the Chinese Baby Gender Chart Predictors have never been proven with any scientific roof. Hence, at any time you intend to work with the Chart, be mindful to come with the open mind towards the precision of the tool!

During pregnancy, it is healthy to use the Chart to calculate the kid’s sex to see if it is a Boy or a Girl. All you need to keep eyes on are the month in which the child was conceived and the mother’s lunar age at the time of conception. Those are the two keys to unveil the secret in the womb. Generally speaking, the Chinese Birth Chart works on the perception that mothers of the same age have the tendency to give birth to the babies of the same gender within the Chinese Calendar Chart.

For instance, the 21-year-old women who get pregnant in January are likely to conceive a BOY. Instead, if they conceive in the months of February, March, or April, they will have a GIRL. Hence, pay intense attention to the two essential elements to take advantage of the Chart productively!

Chinese Birth Gender Chart

Work with Chinese Birth Chart

As already noted, the ancient Chinese Birth Gender Chart can be used for both gender prediction and gender selection. If you are carrying a baby and desire to know the little one’s sex, try the Chart by submitting your Chinese age and the month of conception! Don’t worry about the time concept since the online program will automatically convert your Gregorian age into the Chinese one. Effortlessly, every mama-to-be can know ahead the baby’s gender for the most fabulous pregnant status.

In case of gender selection, frame your mind to the determined preference for either Boy or Girl! Then, take notice of the gender in color (Blue and Pink) or letter (B and G or M and F) in respect to your age in the present time. The easy reading enables you to have the most fertilizable intercourse during the advantageous months. So, is it a BOY or a GIRL? Give the Chart a try and self-evaluate how accurate it is!

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