Have you heard about Chinese Conception Chart 2017? It’s also known as the Chinese Pregnancy Calendar or Pregnancy Calendar. Based on how old you are and the conceiving month, this tool can predict the gender of the unborn baby. As rumor has it, the chart was found buried in a royal tomb of Qing Dynasty around the year 1000, and now, it has still been displaying at the Beijing Institute of Science in China. No one expects it to be completely true and accurate 100% as future can be changed or affected. In fact, this method is chiefly used for fun as well as clearing your curiosity.

Despite the fact that it’s just a prediction tool, how accurate is it really? Some married couples stated the results they got have been correct for all of their children. But with others, it was not correct completely. For instance, in a three-kid family, the prediction works on the third child, but wrong on both of the first two children. Following are something you need to notice when using this ‘gender forecast‘ chart:

  • Woman’s age MUST be the Chinese age
  • Conception month HAS TO BE the Chinese lunar month
  • B stands for boy and G (or blank) stands for girl in the calendar

The more Bs in the chart, the more chances you’ll give birth to a male child, and vice versa

Chinese Pregnancy Chart for Baby Gender Prediction

Chinese Conception Chart 2017

As you all know, the online Chinese Gender Predictor is based on the ancient Chinese Baby Gender Prediction Chart. To avail this tool, the expectant mothers are required to enter their Chinese age and their conception month. Remember, search for the free online Gregorian-Chinese Calendar Converter to use the Chinese Lunar Calendar. Take a look at the below! We provide basic steps to assist you in getting the baby gender prediction much easier:

  • Select the woman’s birthday and conception date using Western Gregorian calendar. The system will change your input data automatically into Chinese lunar date.
  • Enter the time zone. You must fill this blank as Lunar Calendar is quite different each time zone.
  • Press the ‘Submit’ button to receive the output result, including the sex of your ‘would be’ child, your Chinese age, and the lunar month of conception.
  • In case you’re searching for the time zone, please click on http://mastertsai.com/ChineseAstrology/timezone.htm for more information.

In China, a baby is treated one year old once it arrived to this world. Then, people will add their age on Chinese New Year Day. If your child was born on the Chinese New Year Eve Day, he/she will be 2 years on the next day. Well, the way to calculate your lunar age is pretty complicated, that’s why we offer you 2 efficient tools in this section. Go to Google and search: ‘calculate woman’s Chinese age on the conception date’ and ‘calculate the Chinese lunar month’.

According to the survey made in a Chinese hospital’s delivery room in 1999, the accuracy rate of this prediction is less than 80%. However, until today, with all the scientific evidences, the rate has climbed to 87%. In fact, the Chinese Conception Chart 2017 contains a lot of fun at guessing the soon-to-arrive baby’s sex. Why don’t you make a bet with your relatives or friends whether you’re going to conceive a son or a daughter?