Are you trying to get pregnant in this year? You’re looking for the best method for pregnancy from your mothers, your friends, or even books about pregnancy, aren’t you? But, you need to determine the ovulation in order to fertilize successfully at first.

3 best methods for uncovering the ovulation

  • Sketch pregnant woman’s temperature

This is an old technique so that you can uncover the fertility. It usually bases on the morning body temperature is quite higher in the second part of the menstrual cycle (after the ovulation), than the first part. Normally, you will have a low temperature in the morning and then have the high one on the rest of the month. If you follow the temperature frequently and have sex on the date before the ovulation, the successful result is about 60%.

  • Examine the quality of cervical mucus

Keep in mind that when you’re ovulating, the cervical mucus is stretchy and clear. That’s why it’s called “egg white mucus”. If you examine at the right time and have sex, the result can attain 50%.

  • Use ovulation tracker sticks to test your pee
Best Method For Pregnancy

According to the Fertility and Sterility study, this method can detect the ovulation 100% accuracy. Nevertheless, in most cases, not many people use it because it’s quite expensive.

We’ve just introduced the 3 common methods which are used to detect the ovulation. Of course, you are able to combine all of them together to give the best result. One wonderful thing is that you can download a particular app for that. Basically, three of the methods are effective. Hence, the only question is how they work in practice for each specific pregnant woman.

Learn other methods for getting pregnant quickly

  • Have sex frequently

The easiest and simplest way to get pregnant fast is to have regular sex commonly. Some couples often spend too much time detecting the ovulation without having sex because they think that it’s not the right time. Hence, try having sex about 3 times a week so that the woman can protect her bases and not skip a chance to get pregnant.

  • Try to have an intercourse before the ovulation (not after)

Some couples are often bewildered the suitable time to have the intercourse (before or after). You need to know that whenever the woman ovulates, the eggs just survive about 24 hours. Meanwhile, sperm just lives up to 3-5 days. That’s why having sex before the ovulation about 2 or 3 days might help you get pregnant.

  • Avail a fertility monitor or ovulation prediction kit

If you try utilizing the ovulation prediction kit to determine when you are ovulating, you can receive a better result. This product works through reading LH surges prior to the ovulation. It’s not hard to use and quite accurate for forecasting the ovulation. Meanwhile, the fertility monitors (i.e. Clear Blue Easy monitor) are rather appropriate for those couples who want to get pregnant quickly. Similar to the ovulation prediction kit, the fertility monitor can read the LH and determine the hormones’ change of the couples.

  • Don’t base on the Calendar method

Some couples reckon that having sex around day fourteen of the cycle might get pregnant easily. It sounds okay than choosing an erratic day. Nonetheless, it’s not accurate to forecast the time you will ovulate. Bear in mind that not all women ovulate on the day fourteen.

All in all, except from studying some above methods to get pregnant faster, you should see and ask your doctor’s advice before starting. Ensure that you have a good health and carry out a common check up from the doctor in order to prevent any bad case.

And please do not feel reluctant to ask us anything related to the subject “Best Method For Pregnancy” if you still feel confused. We’re always here to help and serve you.