Lots of talented and experienced researchers have studied eye colors, and they have believed that eye colors have often followed the Mendelian genetic rules. While brown eyes are considered to be dominant, blue eyes are known to be recessive. As a result, if both patents have the blue-colored eyes, it means that the eye colors of their babies can inevitably match their ones. However, according to many scientists, eye colors are the polygenic traits containing more than 1 gene. How to calculate your baby’s eye color? This article will lend you a hand.

Some tips on calculating the eye color of your baby
  • The first thing we have to do is to identify the eye color of ourselves, our spouse and both of the sets of our parents. Although the child will not essentially have the same eye colors with her parents or other members in her family, their genes also give the most direct impact on her eye color.
  • Here is a time to find out the eye colors of us and our spouse’s siblings. It is often said that sibling eye colors can provide the clues about the possible recessive genes brought in our family trees. In some cases, parents with brown eyes and siblings with green or blue eyes can bring genes to the lighter eye colors inherited by their children.
  • Determine if we or our spouse come from the population where the genes for the specific eye color are popular or not. The common eye color is the brown. For example, babies from the Asian or African will be likely to have the brown eyes.
  • Write down the eye colors of us, our spouse and sets of our parents on the paper. If the colors seem to be mostly the same, it is possible for our baby to have the same color. In case there are some different eye colors in our family tree, our child sometimes will have a chance to possess any of these eye colors.
  • Baby Eye Color Prediction
  • To calculate the eye color of our baby on the Internet, it will be necessary to plug our family’s eye colors into some websites of online baby eye calculator such as Tech Museum. In general, this calculator can provide the simple model for predicting our baby’s eye color because it will assume that 3 eye colors exist, 2 genes have the influences on eye color. People applying this calculator can share the equal probability of producing babies with brown, green or blue eyes. In spite of its disadvantages, it is able to give us a possible idea about how likely our baby is to have a specific eye color.
Some fascinating facts about eye colors

Along with predicting our baby’s eye color, it will be a fun idea for us to find out some amazing facts about the patterns of the eye colors observed in people.

  • Which eye color is described to be rare? The answer will be green eye color. In fact, this color is discovered in 2 per cent human population. Check whether your baby’s eye possesses green color or not.
  • The country that has the highest population of green-eyed individuals is Turkey. 20 per cent of its populations have this special eye color.
  • Green eyes are likely to be rare in few countries of the continents of Asia, Northern Europe and Middle East.
  • Blues eyes are popularly observed in populations from Northern Europe, especially those living in the areas surrounding the Baltic Sea.
  • Brown is considered as the most common eye color.

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