There are various ways used to predict the gender of the unborn baby such as applying the heartbeat theory, using the wedding ring or checking whether our fetus is low or high. One of the most ancient and popular methods is use Chinese Gender Predictor Chart or Chinese Gender Calendar. In general, to be known as the patriarchal society, most of the Chinese families like to have the boys, rather than the girls. Therefore, that is one of the main reasons why this chart has been commonly used by lots of the couples in China and other countries around the world.

The Chinese Gender Predictor Chart and its meaning

In China, though the rights of women have been dramatically improved across many past generations, there have been still basic differences in the capabilities and potential of men and women.

Even when we look at The Yin-Yang symbol, we can find it easy to realize that it also symbolizes the male as bright, aggressive and dominant while the female as yielding and dark. In addition, the demand for the male heir is the obvious evidence not only in the East, but also Western Europe. With these old opinions, it is not totally surprising why the Chinese Gender chart is very popular and widely used.

Ancient Gender Predictor Chart

This chart is supposed to be over more than seven centuries old, and developed by the scholar in the Song Dynasty. It is often said that it was found in a royal tomb somewhere in China. These days, the original copy of the document is placed in the Beijing Electronic Science and Technology Institute.

Do you know how to read Chinese Gender Predictor Chart?

Follow some brief instructions below if you want this chart to give you the best result.

  • To use this calendar, the first factor is to calculate our lunar age at the conception.
  • After that, the second one is to determine the month when we conceived the baby. Of course, this month will be based on the lunar calendar.
  • Find the point that these 2 factors intersect. The M (B) means that we will welcome a cute boy while the F (G) indicates that we will expect a lovely girl. Some people have supposed that its accuracy is about 90%.
Some special notes for you

To make sure that this predictor will provide us with the accurate result, the mother’s age at the conception and the month when a baby is conceived need to be calculated depending on the Chinese lunar calendar, not the Western calendar. Some online web tool will aid us in determining the Chinese lunar calendar age of the pregnant woman. If not, we can try with some simple instructions below:

  • If she was born between January 1st and February 20th (including these dates), don’t forget to use her current age.
  • If she was born between February 21st and December 31st (including these dates), don’t hesitate to add 1 year to her current age.

In brief, although this chart has got special attention from lots of the parents around the world, we just apply it for fun and entertainment. One of the best methods of knowing the sex of the unborn baby is to use Ultra Sound when our fetus is up to 16 weeks. During pregnancy, try to consume lots of foods rich in Vitamin and some ingredients that are best for a pregnant woman. Besides, don’t forget to do some simple exercises to help both us and our lovely baby healthy.

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