In the future, when you get pregnant, between a boy and a girl, which gender of your unborn child that you prefer more? Of course, no matter the sex, we know you still love and take care of the baby. However, with the existence of Chinese Gender Chart 2017, everything seems to be much easier for you. The expectant mothers can use this tool to predict their ‘would be’ child as well as selecting their favorite gender. The gender chart’s origin is from Qing Dynasty (1644 – 1911 AD). This pregnancy calendar for the coming year is now available online. For those who’re getting ready to conceive a baby, it could let you know when the best time to have whether a male child or a female child.

When using the ‘gender forecast‘ tool, you need to gather 2 essential elements before receiving the results. What are they?

  • The Chinese lunar age of the moms-to-be at the conception time.
  • The lunar month of conception

In case you’re pregnant, we highly recommend that you should avail this 2017 Gender Chart with the updated gender prediction calculation tool. The answer will be way more accurate than what you’ve expected!

How to Use Chinese Baby Gender Chart?

Chinese Gender Chart 2017

According to the Astrology studies, this pregnancy calendar has existed for over 700 years. Many scientific evidences have proven its accuracy, of course, the answers can’t be absolutely perfect (100%). Yet, the precision for the chart is comparatively high (about over 70% correct). When using the Chinese Baby Gender Calendar, you don’t need to convert the conception date as well as your age at the conception time into Chinese date format. Besides this chart, you can utilize the Chinese Gender Prediction Calculator to forecast as it’s much simpler for you.

Chinese 2017 Chart for Baby Gender – To use this chart, you need to take a look at three main steps in the following:

  1. Get the mother’s lunar age when the child is given birth. How to calculate the lunar age? Remember, the age in the chart must be your Chinese age at the conception time. It’s usually 1 or 2 years older than your actual age. You can use the free online Gregorian-Chinese Calendar Converter to get the Chinese lunar year.
  1. Get the lunar month of conception. How to get the Chinese month of the conceiving time? You can use the tool below to convert the Gregorian month into the Chinese lunar month. Remember to check the data again as you might make mistakes.
  1. After having both the Chinese age and month of conception, you will receive a full Chinese Baby Gender Chart. The ‘age’ column is on the left side of the table, while the ‘month’ row is across the top. Match both the column and the row to the intersecting point to find out your unborn child’s sex.

This Chinese Gender Chart 2017 is quite useful, especially with those who’re planning to get pregnant and consider the baby’s gender before the conception. Despite the proven accuracy, you shouldn’t believe the result completely. Most married couples find this simple tool can be used as a fun test for foretelling baby sex.