Those who used to consult Chinese Gender Chart to know ahead the unborn kids’ gender might easily notice that there were two different versions of the ancient tool. In most cases, the different Chinese Birth Charts calculate the same results of gender prediction. While one supposes that your baby is a BOY, the other may gives the same illusion to a BOY via different design. Notice this point so that you can easily work with the Chart via the unsealed mind! As no one takes responsibility for the Chart’s predicted outcomes, judiciously use it for the sense of relaxation!

Work With the Worldwide Variations of Chinese Gender Charts

Originally, the ancient Chinese Chart was found on the royal tomb within 700 years old. Legend said that the Chart itself was highly valued by the ancient Chinese from royalty to civilians. Up to now, its influence has successfully stretched over the worldwide contexts. More and more expectant mothers prefer utilizing the Chart rather than waiting for the time of ultrasound scan.

In reference to its purposes, the Chinese Birth Chart was created to predict the gender of the unborn baby based on the mother’s Lunar Age at the time of conception and the Lunar Month in which the baby was conceived. Along with that, the mysterious Chart was also used as the tool of preconception that allows you to pre-determine the kids’ gender by having sex at the most advantageous months.

Over the Internet, it is easier to trace the Chinese Gender Chart than ever. Simply select your Chinese Age and the month of conception from the drop-down list! The automatic Calculator aids you in releasing the urgent curiosity in the slightest demeanor. Otherwise, you can also self-read the Chart by locating the corresponding box in the table cross labeled by either colors or letters.

Why Are There Two Different Chinese Gender Charts?

In case of color indication, the PINK is for GIRL whereas the BLUE is for BOY. How about the letters? It is M or B that reflects a BOY while F or G alludes to a GIRL. The existence of many different versions of Chinese Birth Chart promotes the seekers’ online experience.

No matter which versions of Chart that you prefer to work with, secure the predicted result by calculating the exact months of Conception! Don’t worry about the Chinese scope of age because the online program will do the calculation and convert your Gregorian Age to the Chinese Lunar one.

Thanks to the worldwide variations, the ancient Chart rises to fame as one of the most popular tools of baby’s gender prediction. Though the versions are designed differently, they together work on the basics of the two essential issues. Arguably, they are all synonyms of the Chinese Gender Chart that is originated in China. Try not to get confused at the results because they are only for entertainment purposes.

How Accurate Is Chinese Boy Or Girl Calculator?

Some online sites announce that the ancient Chart is 99% accurate. In fact, the Chart merely taps the nail right on the head with 50% of accuracy. Within two available options (Boy and Girl), the Chinese Gender Chart is one of the easiest methods to predict the gender of the creature developing in your womb. Even though it is only for the sense of enjoyment, more and more mamas-to-be feel ease when generating it either for gender prediction or preconception purposes.

Consequentially, never mistake the ancient Chart for the Accurate Gender Prediction Tool! Are you looking for a BOY or a GRIL? The 30-year-old women who get pregnant during the months of January, November, and December are likely to give birth to a BOY, for instance. Otherwise, if they conceive from March to October, they will have a GIRL instead.

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