It is agreed that the attempts to control kids’ sex have been practiced for centuries. The offspring with the desired gender is the utmost hope of the ancient Chinese. Thus, for centuries, the existence of Chinese Gender Chart has been approved and caught the wide interest among many expectant parents.

If you now have a baby developing in your body, do you want to know whether the baby is boy or girl? Otherwise, if you are about to get pregnant, do you love to conceive a “little prince” or a “little princess”? Whether boy or girl, they will add new color to your life phases with the unconditional love, right? Anyway, it is fun to take advantage of the ancient prediction tool to unravel your thoughts right in 2017.

2017, It Is Time To Learn How To Self-Read The Chinese Gender Birth Chart

Used to spend the previous years looking for numerous unauthentic and difficult-to-swallow methods of gender prediction and selection, 2017 is the right time to learn how to self-read and self-apply the Chinese Chart into your marital zone.

Depending on the Chinese Pregnancy Calendar, not the Gregorian one, the antique Birth Chart is comprised of two major components: Mother Lunar Age At The Time Of Conception, and The Month When The Baby Is Conceived. In general, the Age is found in the left column of the Chart while the Month is located in the horizontal top. It is worth pointing out that there are many online versions that include the different layouts and colors.

Anyway, all the versions consist of the two above elements under the light of the original Gender Chart. It is a fun and compelling way to guess the gender of the unborn babies that is now followed by people all over the world. It is not a big surprise when you hear a conversation around the Chart’s practicality among a circle of the expectant mothers.

Read The Gender Prediction Chart As Easy As A-B-C-D

Thus, it is very smart to equip yourself with the basic interpretations of the Chart.

  1. Find an authentic Chinese Birth Chart in the top-visited sites. It must be well-designed with the clear and elegant layout. The excessively colorful Chart may make you dizzy and confused easily.
  2. Locate the mother’s age on the left side of the Chart.
  3. Specify the month of conception on the top side.
  4. Follow the located row and the specified column to find the corresponding spot where they meet and intersect. The found box will give you the answer with the labeled letters or colors: B for Boy, G for Girl, M for Male, F for Female, Blue for Boy, Pink for Girl.
Self Read Chinese Gender Chart 2017

Don’t forget to use the highlighters to mark the corresponding box for later record! For instance, a 29-year-old woman is likely to give birth to a BABY BOY when she conceives in February, May, August, and October. Apparently, the leftover months are the ideal times for conceiving a GIRL.

Furthermore, in case you want to plan ahead of the baby’s sex before conception, keep your eyes on your Chinese age and the expected gender first! Then, take note of the ideal months to achieve your target! As an illustration, a 25-year-old woman who gets pregnant in January, March, May, July, and September will have more chances to give birth to a BABY GIRL.

In comparison with the authentic Chinese Birth Chart, a vast majority of the online versions are much more simplified and friendly. Hence, why don’t you give it a try? The Chart is said to be up to 83% accurate.

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