Placed in the fifth positions in the Chinese Zodiac calendar, Dragon is seen as the noble symbol of Chinese nation and culture. From the ancient time to today, people n China still regard themselves as descendents of this imaginary creature. It always represents authority, luck, dignity, honor, and good fortune. If your birth year is the year of Dragon, you’ll be blessed with lots of impressive traits – powerful, innovative, brave, kind-hearted, courageous, enterprising, and successful. By accessing to the topic – Chinese Zodiac Dragon Characteristics, you’ll gain more interesting information about this virtual animal.

Considered as a royal creature, Dragon’s power is indisputable. What’s about the Dragon natives? In every aspect of life, they’re always idealists as well as perfectionists since they were born thinking that they’re inflexible and fascinating. No wonder these people are a bit arrogant and impatient – they can clearly tell right from wrong.

  • Strengths: decisive, magnanimous, sensitive, ambitious, romantic, and inspiring.
  • Weaknesses: stubborn, tactless, unrealistic, fiery, eccentric, intolerant, and quite tyrannical.
Scoop a Look at Chinese Zodiac Dragon Characteristics in 2017

From the Free Dragon Characteristics 2017 Reading, at the first time meeting, you may think most Dragons are irritable and obstinate because of their big mouth. Their words seem to outrun their thoughts, but in fact, these opinions are worth listening and good generally. If you’re looking for advice that enables to influent your way of thinking, find a Dragon company first. For more details about the Dragon’s relationships, please visit Chinese Zodiac Dragon 2017 and have a look.

Gifted with innate intelligence, courage, and tenacity, most Dragon natives are enthusiastic and confident. They’re willing to conquer any kind of challenges and don’t mind taking risks. However, sometimes, with the aggressive nature, they feel hard to accept the criticism from others. Instead of following the tradition, they’re more interested in striving for a smooth future.

Besides a sharp tongue, the Dragon people are also granted lots of beneficial traits to deal with the issues in life, such as intelligence, tenaciousness, willingness, and generosity. No matter where they go, they’ll shine in a special field. Hope you find what you need in Chinese Zodiac Dragon Characteristics.