Tiger is the symbol of power and lordliness – is there anything in this year will be a challenge for this animal sign? Well…in Chinese Zodiac Tiger 2017 Horoscope, the astrologers have stated – it’ll surely be a changeable and hard period for the people born under this ‘brave’ sign. The reason is because the Tiger and Monkey couldn’t get along well with each other, based on the ‘Chinese zodiac compatibility forecast’. So, you’re advised to work hard during this year to overcome the difficulties and gain fortunes. Lots of changes in work, family, and other aspects will come to your life at proper times; some may be good & some bad.

Don’t set your goals too high, or you may feel disappointed. Keep being modest and paying attention to your health

Predict My Future with Chinese Zodiac Tiger 2017 Horoscope
  • Personality of a Tiger: In most situations, this powerful animal is independent and confident. Following the ideas in 2017 Chinese Horoscope, the Tiger natives have a strong sense of errantry as well as frank personality that will help them win others’ trust easily. Their fate may be uneven, but after the hardships, they’ll surely enjoy a bright prospect. At the same time, people in this sign are dogmatic and have a tendency to show off when accomplishing something.

The Tiger’s strengths are: loyal, courageous, trustworthy, tolerant, intelligent, virtuous, and valiant. Yet, this animal also has weaknesses – short-tempered, hasty, arrogant, and traitorous.

  • Love compatibility: Being affected by the bad influence of the Monkey year, the romantic relationship of the Tiger seems not to be in a good status. For the singles, you will be involved in some affairs; however, these partners are not suitable for you. Learn to take things as they come since 2017 is not so positive. If you have the plan to get married, the Chinese Zodiac 2017 Tiger Predictions advise you to marry within this period as you can reduce the bad influence at present to the minimum.

Best love matches for the Tiger – the Dragon, Horse, and Pig. These couples can encourage and support each other, and they will form a harmonious life. Sharing the same value in life & money, they will be the greatest lovers (as well as the rivals) to another person. Avoid creating love with Ox, Tiger, Snake, and Monkey since there’s no common point between you and these animals.

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