Chinese Birth Chart Calculator, an ancient method of baby gender prediction, is an entertaining way to foretell the sex of the unborn child before his or her virtual arrival. Have you known how to use the Chinese Gender Chart yet? To utilize the Chart for ease and comfort, the moms-to-be have to keep eyes on the two essential elements of info namely the conception month and the Chinese age of the mother in which the baby is conceived. Though there is no scientific roof proving the accuracy of the Chinese Birth Gender Chart, some individuals actually swear by it whereas the others use it for fun and relaxation during the first trimester.

Use the Chinese Birth Chart for Gender Prediction

As its name has noted, the ancient Chart is primarily used to guess the unborn baby’s gender before he or she is born. Based on the Chinese calendar, the mother’s lunar age and month of conception are calculated to trace the correspondent box labeled by either letters or colors. If you have an empty head about how to concert the Gregorian age into the Chinese one, it is encouraged to work with the Online Lunar Age Calculator for the quick conversion. Thanks to the great assistance from the online sources, the mothers from all corners of the globe find it extremely easy to work with the Chart, funnily.

For the purpose of figuring out the gender of the unborn child, find out the mother’s lunar age at the time of conception first. According to the Chinese lunar calendar, ones should normally add 1 year to their Gregorian age to obtain the lunar age as wishes. For instance, if you’re now 23 years old, the Chinese age of yours must be 24, in general. Besides, notice that the Chinese count the first 9 months spent in the wombs as the baby’s age! That means the newborn baby is already 1 year old after coming to life.

How To Use The Chinese Gender Chart

When moving in both horizontal and vertical sides, the moms easily find the box indicating the predicted gender. For instance, the 26-year-old woman that is pregnant in January will end up with the box labeled by letter B (Boy), not G (Girl). Otherwise, if she conceives in February, her baby will be a Girl with the G-indicated box. Does it make sense? With the easy navigation and vivid layout, the ancient Chinese Gender Chart aids the mamas-to-be in soothing their racing mind and feeling better via the new perspectives about the coming children.

Use the Chinese Gender Chart as the Preconception Tool

The additional function of the Chinese Birth Chart that is worth mentioning alludes to the possibility of baby’s gender predetermination. As the effective preconception tool, the Chart helps a couple to plan for the ideal baby-making sex during some advantages months. For example, if you are a 28-year-old woman and are craving for a baby Boy, it is stimulated to have sex ideally during the months of January, March, July, August, September, and October. Take notice of this point so that you can select to conceive a boy or a girl before conception.

As the Chart is universally utilized and followed by the huge number of mothers, it is impossible to deny the insights from such the ancient tool. However, do not adhere to the predicted outcomes seriously because none takes responsibility for the Chart’s level of accuracy. Sometimes, it is the matter of luck to grasp the accurate prediction and clues from the Chart. Therefore, rest assured that you use the Chinese tool for entertainment purposes and never aim to devalue the baby’s arrival whether it is a BOY or a GIRL.

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