Ranked as the second place in the Chinese Zodiac calendar, Ox – for a long time ago – has become the symbol of diligence in Chinese culture. People who’re ruled by this sign are usually honest, patient, hard-working, cautious, ambitious, creative, and able to handle things steadily. They’re persistent enough to stick at a certain task longer and learn harder than anybody. Most of all, the Ox natives always have strong belief in themselves. When performing something, they only classify the issue into two basic categories: good or bad. Still lots of information about Chinese Zodiac Ox Personality, let’s check out now!

If you were born in the Ox year, you’re blessed to become a talent leader with strong faith and strong devotion to work. Before making decisions, you often spend time contemplating everything seriously. You’re not easily affected by others; instead, from the beginning, you just follow your ability and concept. In case you want a general description for Ox zodiac sign, simply click Chinese Zodiac Ox 2017.

  • Strengths: industrious, patient, straightforward, honest, persistent, strong-willed, level-headed, cautious, and simple.
  • Weaknesses: stubborn, narrow-minded, inarticulate, prudish, distant/silent, slow, prejudiced, and indifferent.
Get a Look at Chinese Zodiac Ox Personality in the Year 2017

Known for dependability, diligence, and determination, the Ox natives have a strong patriotism for their origin, ideals and ambitions for life, and attach importance for family & work. All of these elements reflect this animal’s traditional characteristic – conservatisms, according to 2017 Personality Predictions for Ox. If you want to achieve the goals, great patience and consistent effort are what you need…and surprisingly, both are the significant traits of the Oxen. So people of this Chinese zodiac sign will surely enjoy great success in the future.

However, there’s only one obstacle that the Ox natives can’t improve; that’s, their bad communication skills. They lack wit in speaking and are not good at exchanging information with others (as they think it’s not worth at all); that’s why they often say no to parties. They’re very stubborn and usually choose to stick to their own ways.

Moreover, you – the Ox – are pretty responsible and loyal in a relationship. For more information about Chinese Zodiac Ox Personality, contact us.