Right now, we’re living in the first days of the Monkey year, all little mice. Guess what? It turns out – 2017 is a good year for people born under the rule of Rat zodiac sign. According to the Chinese zodiac compatibility astrology, this animal is totally compatible with the monkey. That’s why you’re able to go smoothly and very lucky (in many aspects) during this period. Your work will be done well, and you’ll soon get a promotion for your career. And, make yourself upbeat by participating in social activities & parties. For more information about this animal sign, quickly get a free online prediction for Chinese Zodiac Rat 2017.

Get a Free Online Prediction for Chinese Zodiac Rat 2017
  • Love affair – When it comes to romantic relationship, the year 2017 is not a good time to carry out a new love. Instead, if you have chances to meet the right person makes you adore, please learn more each other as friend first. For those who got married, because of your busy work, there’s no time for your partner and family members – that might ruin your relationship. So, the advice here is to ‘balance’ both your professional & personal life. Spend a proper time taking a short vacation with your spouse to understand him/her as well as strengthen the love.

By looking at the Chinese zodiac calendar, Rat can form a perfect match with the Dragon, Monkey, Ox, and Pig. On the contrary, this animal and the Horse won’t have any love spark.

  • Career – In terms of ‘profession’ aspect, following the 2017 Chinese Zodiac Predictions for Rat, your abilities is finally appreciated by the supervisors (or the leaders) through all the excellent performance in work. This year is definitely a great year for being promoted to a higher position. Bear in mind, you shouldn’t change the current job except you’ve decided the proper time. For those who really want to switch the working environment, March & July (Chinese lunar months) are the BEST months help you get the success.

As long as you always keep humble attitude and communicate well with your working teammates, you’ll surely hold the successful key in the year 2017. In case you want to gain a full horoscope for Chinese Zodiac Rat 2017, simply contact us.