Stepping to this Monkey year, the Rabbit natives will have a lot of fortunes to accomplish all the jobs smoothly & easily. Together with great effort and talent, your career will be brought to a new milestone. And, according to the Chinese Zodiac Rabbit 2017 Forecast, you should be prudent and carefully in financial management; also, there will be small twists and turns if you go out the year 2017, i.e. loss of luggage, weather changes, etc. During this period, remember to keep your tongue in your jaw and your toe in your pump, and it’ll be a year full of joyous occasions.

Chinese Zodiac Rabbit 2017 Forecast in the Red Monkey Year

Among 12 Chinese zodiac signs, the luck of a Rabbit is always of much prosperity. No matter what situations they’re involved in, they’ll get help from people (including friends and family). Your fortune in money is also favorable, so you can keep some savings in this Monkey year. Comparing to 2015, you would gain huger expenditures; and stable income will support your life. When it comes to love, don’t be hesitant; instead, have attractive attitude towards the one you adore.

  • Best love matches for the Rabbit: You should consider these animal signs, the Monkey, Dog, Sheep, and Pig. In the 2017 Chinese Zodiac Predictions for Rabbit, the astrologers stated that these animals have high compatibility rates. Sharing the same goals and ambitions, they know how to make the relationship last long and fresh. When living together, they can become more considerate and tolerant – their marital life will be sweet and happy.
  • Bad matches for the Rabbit: You can’t form a beautiful affair with the Snake or Rooster since you two will suffer from a series of disagreement and conflicts. Both feel suppressed in marriage life.

As mentioned in Free RabbitHoroscope 2017 Reading, career luck is on your side during the current year, so take advantage of the fortune and gain more successes in the office. What’s about the health? No need to worry much, but you still need to refrain yourself from bingeing on food since overeating may cause terrible problems to your condition.

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