In the Chinese Zodiac cycle, Rabbit is the fourth animal. What will happen to this sign in the coming year? According to Chinese Zodiac 2017 Rabbit Predictions, even though much progress will show up in your life during this period, the Rabbit natives still have to face serious emotional issues. Using the first four months of 2017 to release all the tensions, stresses, and anxieties out of your mind and review significant events in the past. Be practical and optimistic to deal with not-easy-and-simple situations. Before everything is out of control, you need to figure out the solution to your problems.

During this period, you might need help from the divine forces. The year 2017 will come soon, so take the left time to consider and strengthen the current relationships. Too much vitality in the middle of the year will boost your positive energy and help you achieve outstanding results in life.

2017 Love Compatibility of Rabbit

Chinese Zodiac 2017 Rabbit Predictions

It seems like the Rabbit natives would have difficult challenges related to the romantic relationship with the partner, the Chinese Horoscope 2017 predicted. You find it hard to have an effective solution – that idea frustrates you more. Be patient, and a perfect answer will be given to all the couples. Make suitable compromises to solve the misunderstandings with your beloved. The married life, later, will be better!

With the single Rabbits, we’ll give the information to help you find the best love match in the future. Among 12 Chinese Zodiac Signs, Sheep and Pig are the two animals that have the high compatible rate with you; while the worst is Rooster.

Best match

  • Rabbit & Sheep: both you and the partner are shy and compliant, so it’s easy to form a lovable couple. These two enjoy the beauty of nature and appreciate the precious life. They will find perfect harmony while being with each other as the Rabbit people can bring out the best in their Sheep partners.
  • Rabbit & Pig: this couple is very compatible in every aspect. The Pig really loves the good taste of the Rabbit, while the Rabbit can understand what its partner is thinking without asking. If these two join in the marital life together in the future, they could last peacefully and harmoniously.

Worst match

The astrologers have stated that there’s not much chance for the Rabbit and the Rooster as these two are highly incompatible. If there’s a romantic affair between these animals, it won’t last long as they don’t have any common things. The Rabbit is a pure dreamer and doesn’t put 100% effort to fulfill his/her dream, compared to the Rooster. With the practical approach of the partner, you might feel pressure when you two are together.

In general, you’re advised to work harder to strengthen the future relationship in the romance area. Good understanding and communication will be the keystone to help you overcome any sort of storm in the affairs. If there’s any trouble between you and your beloved, the best way is – reconciling.

The Chinese Zodiac 2017 Rabbit Predictions offer many cool opportunities and shortcuts, yet, you still have to confront many obstacles in life. Think twice before making any final decision!