In the Chinese Zodiac cycle, are you ruled by the Ox? Do you wonder what will come to your life in the year of Monkey? Access to Chinese Zodiac 2017 Ox Predictions and find out more about yourself. Some fortune tellers stated that the upcoming year would bring major changes in both your relationship and career. Besides you, many helpful and encourage hands (family and friends) will support you to achieve the planned objectives throughout the whole year. Your emotional state would be at the best condition as the planets’ influence in your birth chart. Get over legal issues easily by using your knowledge and expertise.

During this period, let’s face the obstacles with the optimistic and positive approach. Be aware of some bad companies who might use you to achieve their goals. Also, this season is the right time to examine unwanted relationships in life as well. The year-end might bring you unexpected rewards!

Overview of Ox Horoscope 2017

Chinese Zodiac 2017 Ox Predictions

Career – The Forecast Yearly of Ox Zodiac Sign advises you the best period for making a change in the profession area is between June and September 2017. Expand the social contacts will help you get a better job in the future. Instead of taking on lots of jobs, the Ox just need to concentrate on the keystones if desiring to gain financial success, especially in business. Make friends with the seniors in your company and ask for their assistance. The targets, and even the personal issues might be solved quickly.

Health – Throughout the Monkey Year, your physical health will be in excellent condition, so don’t force yourself to carry out rigorous exercise. The energy level of the Ox will be high, and you’ll use it wisely to deal with the difficulties. Pay enough attention to your social life and take breaks to enjoy the moments in life with your family and friends. To avoid being anxious and stressful during this hectic year, the Ox natives must spend time having proper sleep and doing exercise.

Love & Relationship – The Ox Horoscope 2017 pointed out that there would be unwanted misunderstandings between you and the loved one, especially the married couples. The situations will rise from May to August, 2017…and it needs some give and take from both sides to resolve the issues. Make short-term vacations with your spouse to improve the relationship.

Also, the year 2017 represents the romance and passion of the single Oxen. Let’s find out some best love matches for you:

  • Ox and Snake: This combination will form a perfect partnership. Most of the time, they would share sympathy, love, and understanding when being together.
  • Ox and Rooster: This made-in-heaven match is created from the God’s hands. They assist to each other with excitement and passion.

What about the worst match? The Ox might have lots of problems and struggles with the Monkey once encountering. With the Sheep and Pig, all of you might lack understanding and sympathy. And the astrologers believed that the Ox and the Tiger should stay in the same place at the same time.

The year 2017 will be an emotional and passionate year with the Ox. Take the advice in the Chinese Zodiac 2017 Ox Predictions to make this period more favorable for you.