Access to the ‘Chinese Zodiac 2017 Dog Predictions‘ report and learn more about this animal. Those ruled by the Dog are considered as the honest, friendly, and trustworthy people. In love, you’re not only protective and generous, but you also have a strong sense of justice. This animal’s nature is an excellent intuition; that can explain why you usually figure out the situations immediately. Hmm…what are waiting for you in the future? Let’s find out now!

In the coming year, you’ll be offered tons of chances in life. Basically, you’ve got the emotional satisfaction as the Dog might take times to consider the promises for your fate. Activate the creativity in all the fields, especially in career, to attain worthy achievements and successes.

General Horoscope 2017 for Dog Zodiac Sign

Chinese Zodiac 2017 Dog Predictions
  • Health: You don’t need to worry about the condition in this year. The Dog natives really enjoy the fun and joy all of the time. Keep spending free period playing sports and exercising as healthy activities can help you fight illness, such as colds, coughs, and fever. Make sure you have enough rest to benefit both of your physical and mental state. Why does the Dog feel no stress or tense at all when working? These people are not ambitious for money and power.
  • Career: Based on its original nature, the Dog is very loyal. When it comes to choosing professions, you have a tendency to select a career that can service other people. At the workplace, the supervisors and peers appreciate your efforts & results, and they admit that you’re a valuable employee. When doing something, you’ll put all your heart and soul to the tasks. You’re easy-going and kind, and you’re pleased to share the workload with the colleagues. The Dog’s social circle is quite large and still expanding.

Love Compatibility of Dog 2017

According to the 2017 Horoscope for Chinese Zodiac Signs, there are only two animals in the Zodiac cycle that have a high compatibility rate with the Dog – they are Horse and Tiger. What about the worst? Do you want to find out? The one that’s incompatible with you is – none other than the Dragon. Read the following:

  • Best match:

Dog and Tiger: This couple has mutual respect for the partners. Once forming the balanced and harmonious relationship, they’ll spend time exploring and adventuring together to gain long-term success.

Dog and Horse: Since these two respect everything of each other and value the loyalty highly, they’ll establish a happy couple.

  • Worst match: It’s fine if the Dog doesn’t encounter the Dragon. Otherwise, these two will soon be involved in various types of conflicts. Both have strong and tough characters, so it’s hard for them to understand or listen to the partners’ opinions. The Dragon, on one side, is not too pleased to accept the Dog’s caustic comments and practical (critical) approach. And, on the other side, there’s no way for the righteous Dog to give up and apology.

In a nutshell, from the ideas in Chinese Zodiac 2017 Dog Predictions, the Dog natives are advised to be careful when it relates to career and relationship. The year 2017 is foretold as an average year for you all as not only successes come, but also the difficulties. Put all your mind and efforts to achieve the hardest things!