Knowing the sex of the unborn baby can not be a big problem in the modern era of Science and Technology. In fact, with the advent of the advanced technology, pregnant women are able to determine the gender of their babies through Ultra Sound or CT Scan method. Spend a little time in thinking about the times when people even did not discover the basis of conception and birth. At that time, the Chinese found the magical calendar to predict the sex of the baby before she/he was born.

A brief overview of the Chinese Pregnancy Predictor

To be known as the patriarchal society, most of the Chinese families have favored the birth of the boys over the girls since boys have been believed to inherit ancestral property. Furthermore, with the agricultural society, Chinese have been supposed that having more boys will give the families more hands to support and work in the fields, and then they will earn much money. Besides, girls have had a tendency to stay at home until they have come to the marital lives. As a result, girls can not bring their families more money. It is not difficult to understand why the Chinese Pregnancy Predictor has more and more popular in this country.

To be described as one of the oldest ways to identify the gender of the baby, the Chinese Pregnancy Predictor is also called other names such as the Chinese Gender Predictor Chart or Chinese Lunar Calendar. This powerful chart is said to be discovered by an ancient Chinese scientist in the royal tomb near Beijing over 700 years ago.