Learn Your Birth Calendar This 2017

What do you know about birth calendar? Does it have any difference from the Chinese baby gender chart or not?Can I predict my pregnancy? Let’s see… These two distinctive names simply imply only one popular tool that has been relied and used mostly nowadays. The 2017’s unique baby gender predictor based on the mother’s time of conception could tell you the truth with the high rate of accuracy, so get ready to learn more of your unborn baby’s status. The Chinese pregnancy calendar is also known under different familiar names such as Chinese birth calendar, Chinese Birth chart, and Chinese gender calendar.

As the origin of this Chinese pregnancy calendar is mentioned here, take a quick look at a little bit of its history right now. As many people know, with the huge number of citizens living in China, we can’t deny that everyone there has a big concern about the birthing babies. Besides, it’s seen as one of the most ancient traditions of the country that shows up like anywhere else or basically every respect of Chinese people’s lives. People living here have so many ways to call this birth chart like Chinese conception calendar, Chinese conception chart, or Chinese pregnancy chart for example.

Such a unique tool can help every mother to decide whether her baby she will deliver the next time will be a boy or a girl. What’s more important is that almost all Chinese people here seem to perfectly rely on this original birth chart like 99.9% of the accuracy rate. According to them, the Chinese pregnancy chart was actually found in a Royal Tomb which is situated nearby the city of Peking (the old name of China’s capital) in China. What’s more interesting is that it’s reported to have been around 700 years old already. Nowadays, the original sample of this calendar is currently displayed at the Institute of Science located in Beijing.

Chinese Pregnancy Calendar 2017

Now we’re talking about its accuracy rate when it comes to the baby gender’s guesswork. Its level of precision can be considered to base on the use of the Chinese Lunar calendar. How will it be? Actually, the calendar will depend on some relevant information concerning the month of conception, not the month of birth as we’ve thought. Also, the original Chinese Lunar chart gets involved in the certain age of a mother at the time of her conception as well as the addition of about 9 months to the mother’s age for an easier and better Lunar calendar adjustment.

Do You Know How It Works?

As everyone has already known that a Chinese birth chart or calendar will be conducted following the Lunar calendar. Find the most reliable fortune or baby predictor sites online to get the highest chance of receiving the exact answers to the questions about the unborn babies’ sex.

When visiting them, you will see that every site has the same thing about the dates and months of a Lunar calendar that can be found in the chart, so what do such dates really represent for? To be honest, they’re all the information telling you all about your age during the time of conception, the time that the conception happens, and other inclusive squares labeled “B” for boy and “G” for girls. When browsing a birth chart, you may see all dates and months of conception will be placed both horizontally and vertically in certain places that can allow the users to create the coordinates as any point appears to intersect.

Follow these steps described as below for your best baby gender adjustment:

  • First, please note your age at the time of conception.
  • Second, add 9 months to your age for a better calendar adjustment.
  • Third, find the result on the left side of the chart column.
  • Fourth, find the month of conception at the top of the chart.
  • Lastly, find the final spot that these two coordinates intersect, and locate the. corresponding squares labeled “B” or “G”.

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