Apparently, attempts to control the gender of the offspring in order to achieve the expected sex can be dated back to the early history of humans’ development. Dozens of old wives’ tales related to “low” or “high” carrying, food craving, morning sickness, heart beat, belly’s shapes, body temperature, extra weight, etc. are commonly used by a vast majority of expectant mothers. Besides, there is another popular method of online gender prediction quiz which can give you a supportive idea Chinese Gender Predictor. If you know your lunar age at the time of conception and the lunar month when your baby is conceived, Chinese Gender Chart is an effective and helpful quiz for gender prediction.

Is Your Baby A Boy Or A Girl? Chinese Gender Quiz Will Give You An Answer!

According to the legend, Chinese Gender Chart is found in a royal tomb under the reign of Ming dynasty. It is rooted in Beijing and has over 700 years old. Up to now, no scientific proof has ever been provided to prove the authenticity of this legend. Anyway, the Chart has successfully gone through many periods and caught a significant role in many expectant parents’ spiritual life.

Chinese Gender Quiz Boy Or Girl

It is worth bearing in mind that this Chinese quiz is based on Chinese Pregnancy calendar which is a lunisolar one. Unlike Gregorian calendar, the Chinese one consists of some leap months and leap years. In connection with the time of conception, it is advised to avoid getting pregnant during the leap months. Nowadays, the Chinese Gender Quiz is followed by a large number of people from all walks of life. Whether you are a believer or a skeptic, this kind of gender prediction quiz can bring the sex of your unborn child to light conveniently.

Is Your Baby A Boy Or A Girl? Chinese Gender Quiz Will Give You An Answer!

Once having a Chinese Chart, have you known how to make this quiz work yet? Now, follow the instructions below and discover your baby’s gender by yourself! There are two vital issues that you have to keep an eye on: your lunar age at the time of conception (on the left side) and the month when your baby is conceived (on the top of the Chart). However, remember that the Chart’s layout may vary. It is advised to use a highlighter to mark these two points. Then, follow the column and the row to identify the corresponding box where they intersect. If the box is labeled with “B”, it alludes to a Boy. On the other hand, letter “G” refers to a Girl.

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