It is asserted that pregnancy is one of the most exhilarating experiences that only women can experience more profoundly than anyone else. When getting pregnant, all expectant mothers desire to know if they have a boy or a girl; as a result, they can get themselves ready for him or her as well as making several necessary arrangements such as cloth, room’s decoration, baby care, infant feeding, etc.

Beside numerous old wives’ tales (“high” or “low”, food craving, heart beat, etc.), another often-heard method of baby’s gender prediction which is used widely by expectant mothers all over the world is Chinese Gender Predictor Chart.

Using Chinese Gender Predictor Chart With 6 Simple Steps

If you have a baby, do you want a boy or a girl? More engagingly, if you have twins, do you want boys or girls? Ask yourself! Anyway, it should be borne in mind that no evidence has ever been provided to prove the authenticity and accuracy of the Chinese Gender Chart. Therefore, whatever the result is, you are advised to take it for entertainment purposes only.

Nowadays, people can take at ease to relieve their curiosity about the genders of the unborn twins by taking a look at the Chinese Gender Chart. The following are 6 simple steps which can assist you in reading the Chart more smoothly.

Chinese Lunar Calendar

Firstly, access the top-viewed Chinese Pregnancy Calendar sites. Don’t forget to take a glance at the sites to see how it works (layout, items, other seekers’ reviews and feedback, etc.). Secondly, find the Chart for Twins among numerous available items. Thirdly, look at the Chart’s overall structure carefully and take note of the mother’s age at the time of conception. Remember that the age must be a lunar one (not a Gregorian one). Fourthly, take note of the month when the twins are conceived (the month in the Chinese Calendar). Fifthly, identify the age on the left side and the month of the top of the Chart. You can use a highlighter to mark these parts. Finally, follow the row and the column on the Chinese Gender Predictor Chart to locate where they meet and intersect. The corresponding box will indicate the answer you are looking for.

Using Chinese Gender Predictor Chart With 6 Simple Steps

As usual, “B” represents BOY while “G” alludes to GIRL. Besides, it is worth pointing out that the Chart has many cultural variations with different layouts, labeled letters and colors. For instance, “M” can refer to “MALE” whereas “F” indicates “FEMALE” and Pink represents GIRL while Blue refers to BOY. That is the whole point!

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