How To Use Chinese Gender Predictor Chart 2017
It’s rumored that this kind of predictor chart is accurate enough to let any woman know if their coming child is a male or female child at the moment of conception. Looking back on the ancient times, the chart had its origin in Beijing over 7 hundred years ago, and was said to turn up in a royal tomb back then while others may state that it originally came from the institute of science in Beijing.

This forecasting tool seems above 90% accurate when it comes to the gender predictions, but some other people just consider it as a fun way to guess the gender of the unborn children. In fact, no scientific evidence is produced to prove the authenticity of this forecast tool or ensure that this Chinese calendar really works in every situation. However, this superstitious act has still grown strong in every woman who desperately wants to verify the genders of the unborn children, and since it’s quite easy to use the chart, people would love to give it a try even just once. As usual, we just do not take it so seriously and use it for entertainment purposes.

Two pieces of essential information shouldn’t be ignored if we want to make use of this predictor. They are the lunar month and the lunar age of the mother, the moment of her conception. Keep in mind that this Chinese chart is quite different from the Western one because the lunar calendar will be the core foundation for it to base on. Here are some tips how to use it in the right way:

Here is the Chinese Gender Prediction Chart for 2017
Chinese Gender Prediction Chart for 2017
  • Enter your age at the time of conception. Notice that according to Chinese calendar, as a baby was born, he was already one year old because the baby’s age is determined right from the moment he stays in his mother’s womb in nine months. This concept is totally different from that of the Gregorian calendar of the Western nations. In case that we can’t work out our age or convert our Chinese ages to the Gregorian ones, feel free to ask a converter online for help.
  • Identify the lunar month which your unborn baby was going to be conceived. This means that we’re able to determine the time we want our baby to be conceived. In other words, it’s very important for a mother to know beforehand the appropriate time she could carry the baby. For this step, a woman needs to convert her real and expected month of conception to the lunar ones pursuant to the lunar calendar by using the online converter for more convenience.
  • Stare at the graph and detect the intersection of your lunar age and your month of conception. This is seemingly the final stage of the gender prediction process. Get started with your lunar age at first and move towards the time when your baby was conceived, which could give you a full view of the genders of your children. B stands for boys and G is for girls.

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