Is it possible for any woman to preconceive the genders of their unborn children? Thanks to the Chinese gender calendar for helping them to verify this piece of information. All we do is to know exactly the time we get pregnant and our ages at the moment of conception. In other words, the mother’s age and month of conception are two key elements helping us to gain information from observing the graphs.

According to a few resources, the predictive tool was inherently found in an ancient tomb of the royal family nearby Beijing a long time ago, and then put in an institute of science afterwards. It’s supposed to be the easiest and simplest method to predict the genders of the kids who are still lying in their mothers’ wombs. Many people would claim that this way undoubtedly provides us with nearly 99% accuracy. However, some others just use it for fun because there’s still no solid ground to identify its authenticity as well as convincing evidence to prove its predictions to be true at all.

Therefore, many people just find it quite interesting to give a try, and do not attach special importance to its accuracy. Take a look at the following basic steps of reading a lunar gender chart to determine your own children’s genders.

Here is the Chinese Gender Predictor Calendar for 2016
Chinese Gender Predictor Calendar for 2016
  • Let’s find out your month of conception at first: In this stage, we just need to input the information about the lunar month when your baby was conceived. One thing should be noticed that the month of conception is not like the birth date of your child, so beware of this misunderstanding to get more accurate results from the graph.
  • Identify your age at the time of conception: This step is kind of confusing to some people since it’s easy to go the wrong way. Please enter your lunar age in the chart instead of using your Gregorian one because this chart originally depends on the Chinese or lunar calendar in which your age will be increased to one year. For instance, if we’re currently 30 years old, our ages will be 31 years old according to the Chinese calendar.
  • Follow two columns implying both mother’s lunar age and month of conception until they intersect in a specific corner. We will have a boy if the square in the chart is blue, and a girl as the square is pink.

It’s obvious that finding a scientific and technological way which can offer us 100% accuracy is more reliable than a Chinese manuscript, but it can’t be fun in doing that because people incline to try the simple and interesting ways to predict the unknown facts. Some people wouldn’t stick to the uncanny activities like fortune-telling or horoscope readings since they can’t always deliver the accurate predictions. However, this gender predictor chart may change their opinions at first use. Who knows?

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