Congratulations! If you’re getting pregnant, prepare everything carefully to become a great mother. And, for those who’re also expecting a child, the upcoming year will be an ideal time. Feel curious about the gender of your ‘would be’ baby? Whether you’ll conceive a little boy or a little girl? This issue, we can help you! By using the Chinese Gender Predictor 2017 – a famous online prediction tool which can forecast the soon-to-arrive child’s sex – you’ll get the answer for your curiosity. Is the result accurate? We’re not so sure 100%, but most married couples think it incredible. Take your time to find out more about this service online!

The users can combine this gender predictor with the Chinese Pregnancy Chart to gain the wishful answer. Not only predicting the gender, here, the tool also tells you when are the best time to give birth to a baby. Some people may want to get pregnant with a male child, and others desire to have a daughter (in case they already raise a boy). Will this tool guarantee the favorite gender for your future kid?

How to Use the 2017 Chinese Gender Predictor?

As you may know, there are two basic ways to foretell your unborn child’s sex. Don’t need to worry as both of them show you the same result based mainly on the ‘traditional Chinese baby gender chart’. The first one is Chinese Gender Prediction Calculator, and the other is Chinese Baby Gender Chart. When using these tools, all the dates (including the date of birth and the conception date) must be converted into Chinese date format. Also, remember to type the following essential information to get the final results:

  • The lunar month when the mother conceive a baby.
  • The lunar age of the expectant mother.
Chinese Gender Predictor 2017

In fact, even though the second method is easy for utilizing, we highly recommend you to use the first one as it’s convenient and efficient. Keep reading to learn more about how to use this sex prediction calculator.

You can ask for help from Google Search, at the beginning. Just type ‘gender predictor 2017’ and dozens of results will be displayed in return. Be wise and click on to start using the free service. What do you need to do at that moment? Simply enter your birthday and your conception date which are Gregorian calendar dates. The system will automatically convert the received dates into Chinese date form. After that, tap on the ‘Predict Baby’s Gender’ button to get the answer.

Also, as we mentioned before, you will be offered the exact date for when you should get pregnant. The tool will ask you to type your date of birth, and then, select the year that you plan to have a baby. Don’t forget to choose your preferred baby gender – boy or girl. Finally, the mothers will hit the ‘Get Best Dates’ button to receive the result. You will find a full chart of the best conceiving dates from November 2017 for women of different ages.

The results are not guarantee entirely, of course. But in a few special cases, the Chinese Gender Predictor 2017 is still the best choice in predicting and selecting baby’s sex. Don’t focus too much on the outcome! Take it as a fun test for you, your relatives, and your friends. Try it now!