Historically, like almost all of the Asian countries, China has been considered as an agricultural society. That is one of the primary reasons why the Chinese have liked to have a baby boy, rather than a baby girl. Believe it or not, since the ancient times, the Chinese have been extremely curious to discover whether their unborn babies have been females or males. For this reason, they had even widely used a chart called the Chinese gender prediction chart.

Chinese Gender Prediction Chart And Its Accuracy

Allegedly, this chart was found in a royal tomb, and supposed to be around 700 years ago. In fact, its original version has been preserved at the Beijing Institute of Science in China. Today, we can find it really easy to search for many versions of this gender chart on the Internet. Besides, there have been a lot of debates going on the accuracy of its prediction, and someone from the medical fraternity tends to advise the couples not to take it too seriously.

Nevertheless, reports from China have noticed that the gender calendar has been able to guess correctly in more than 50% of cases. Although in the Western countries, people can have many better options since there is no restriction on babies’ genders, in the Asian countries, baby girls seem to be looked as a liability; thus, this chart can be of very importance to some couples.

How To Use The Chinese Gender Prediction Chart?

Before availing this Chinese gender calendar, the first thing to keep in mind is that this chart tends to be based on the lunar cycle. Therefore, it is really necessary to know the lunar age of the mom-to-be so that we may accurately predict her baby’s sex easily.

The second step is to know the month of conception. What’s next? We are able to guess the gender of the baby through matching the age of the expectant mother at the time of conception with the month where the baby was conceived. Don’t forget that this chart only works for the pregnant women who are in the age-group of 18-45.

How About The Accuracy of Chinese Gender Prediction Chart?

As mentioned above, the accuracy of this Chinese gender prediction calendar has been a powerful contention between its critics and proponents. In general, the proponents of this chart state that its accuracy tends to be close to around 95%, and the chart can be of the immense value because it has survived for 700 years. On the other side, its critics are known to be of the view that this calendar is naive on the part of someone to believe in a chart, rather than exploring the baby’s sex via the medical tests.

Amazingly, the Chinese Gender Chart claims to tell us the gender of our kid even before we conceive. That can explain why the skeptics have a tendency to pooh-pooh this system and advise individuals to undergo the tests in order to know the sexes of their babies.

Though the Chinese gender prediction accuracy can be subjective, dozens of people around the world have believed that it can guess their babies’ sexes accurately. Of course, this will be no way which undermines the role of the medical science in gender prediction. Furthermore, this chart may be put to abuse in some countries with the high rates of female infanticide. Someone is able even to contemplate aborting their kids in case the chart guesses the baby girl. As a result, reading this article, and we should get a better understanding of the Chinese gender prediction system so that we can avoid any misconception. Bear in mind that this chart’s forecasts will not always be accurate at any time!

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