It is informed that Chinese calendar is a lunisolar one which incorporates some elements of a lunar calendar with those of a solar one. Besides, the Chinese calendar consists of some leap months within years. In connection with the time of getting pregnant, legend says that women should avoid conception during the leap months. Up to now, no evidence has ever been provided to prove the validity and trustworthiness of this legend. Regardless of that, a popular interest in Chinese Gender Prediction (also known as Chinese Gender Chart) based on Chinese calendar still persists because more and more expectant parents need a tool to relieve their own curiosity about the gender of their unborn child all day and night.

The Story Behind Chinese Gender Prediction By Lunar Age

It is worth bearing in mind that the online versions of the Chinese Gender Chart now look more friendly and simple than the ordinary one. Additionally, the Chart has dozens of cultural variations with different layouts and colors. Regardless of how different they are, the Chart only consists of two major points: Mother’s Lunar Age of Conception, and Lunar Month of Conception.

As usual, you can add 1 or 2 years into your Gregorian age in order to have a Chinese one, but it is much complicated in some cases. Hence, almost all Chinese calendar sites provide seekers with the online converter. It is easy to find!

Chinese Gender Prediction By Lunar Age

Dating back to the Qing Dynasty (1644 – 1912), the Chart was kept by the royal power and only used by nobles and concubines. Later on, when the Eight Nation Alliance invaded China with the military forces, they took the chart to England. Then, it was translated into English for the public use. Convincingly, Chinese Gender Chart is the oldest method of baby’s gender prediction. At present, it is being displayed at Beijing Institute of Science. If you have chance to come to Beijing, don’t forget to give it a look!

The Story Behind Chinese Gender Prediction By Lunar Age

What’s more, it is concurred that the Chinese usually prefer boys over girls throughout history. Perhaps, that is the reason why they create the Chart so that they can predict and somehow control the gender of the unborn child. After all, the Chinese Gender Prediction is based on the notion that women of the same age are more likely to give birth to babies of the same gender at the particular period. For instance, the 22-year-old women who conceive in May are more likely to have a baby boy.

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