As everyone knows, gender selection has always been considered to be such a hot topic in which more and more married couples would love to turn back, or at least speculatively rely on the entertaining possibility of utilizing every method and technique of affecting the general gender of their coming baby. Most famous among those methods would be none other than “Shettles Method“, which we’re going to go deep into this time along with the “Chinese Gender Chart“. Following some psychic websites of gender selection, it’s easy to see how different every gender selection kit or any selection strategy mixed with the products really is online, and the quest for knowing gender beforehand would go back to the prehistoric times.

Chinese Gender Chart vs Shettles Method

First, let’s talk about Chinese gender chart by letting me remind you of its main functionality here: it helps to predict the true sex of your own baby depending on your own Lunar age right at the time of your pregnancy, and the Lunar month when you conceived, so do not worry much because that accurate calculator would work out everything for you. Every woman always wonders whether it is a baby boy or a baby girl, so just feel free to give your chart a try, or the one is said to be more than 700 years old and was explored in an ancient royal tomb. Besides, though no scientific proof demonstrates that the chart or the gender calendar will work, but because we have only two choices: boy or girl with 50% of the time that it could make the right call. It’s still entertaining anyway!

It’s due to the primitive drawings revealing that gender selection technique for real, and while some people have stated that it will be a little bit fantastic, the others suppose that it’s not an exaggeration at all to say: formal attempts to sway even the odds of getting pregnant a boy or a girl dating back to the astrological Chinese gender charts 1,000 years ago. Moreover, right from the theoretical foundation, a certain number of gender selection theories have developed from there, and the most popular among them would be the Shettles Method, which means to control a number of variables including timing intercourse, sexual position, and make penetration depth.

Then the main logic of that method of sex selection would be about the changes made among those three elements mentioned above plus X or Y chromosome sperm here, which are provided a differential benefit of being able to reach, so fertilize the egg. Truthfully, you need to get all qualitative differences between that X and Y chromosome if you really want to understand how “Shettles Method” really works. More than that, the fact about when the pregnant woman ovulates during the cycle, since the predicting the ovulation precisely would be one of the key elements determining the success of that Shettles Method as well as it’s the timing intercourse that would be the cornerstone of affecting the gender of your baby.

Pregnancy Old Wives’ Tales

It’s rumored that in case that you’re carrying the baby high, then it can be a girl, then how about carrying low? Other similar tales would state if you tend to carry the baby in front, then a little boy would be born, and when you expand in horizontal way, then it can be a girl. Just because a long period that they have to wait to know the final results or right before they can possibly know the true gender of their babies they’re carrying, it’s pregnancy old wives tales would be able to offer a little bit of the insights, and above all, they’re just fun. Every pregnancy old wives tales may bear a 50/50 chance of being right, so why don’t you give them a try and have such a fun time with them? The most common methods here will be bread test, mom’s beauty, dream of baby’s sex, toddlers, morning sickness, etc.

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