Are you planning an incredible change for your marital life? Having a baby is a vital element with all the married couples. Be ready to get pregnant? Of course, you must prepare everything well before welcoming the arrival of your child. However, aren’t you curious about the baby’s gender, are you? With the help of the Chinese Gender Calendar 2017, the expectant mothers can figure out whether they’ll give birth to a baby boy or girl. Moreover, this ancient tool also tells you when the perfect time for conceiving is to have a male child or female child. Let’s fulfill your curiosity by learning more about this ‘gender prediction’ calendar!

With the origin started from the Qing Dynasty (1644 – 1911 AD), the Chinese Pregnancy Chart has existed for over 700 hundred years. By far, it’s considered as the most accurate method to identity the unborn child’s sex, according the survey in the hospital’s delivery room. Each year, a complete report for the Chinese Baby Gender Calendar is uploaded online. Quickly check out the 2017 version!

Where Does the Pregnancy and Baby Gender Chart Come From?

Chinese Gender Calendar 2017

This ‘gender forecast’ chart was first revealed in a Taiwanese newspaper (1972). Yet, the ancients said that it disappeared in Emperor’s Summer Resort without leaving any trace. In 1900, after the Qing Dynasty lost the battle with ‘Eight-Nation Alliance’, this prediction paper was showed up in Britain. Since the original version is written in Manchu language, the British King had to translate it, and then, he kept it as the most valuable treasure. Later, a Chinese scholar studying in Austria discovered the paper, and he soon copied the content. He brought it back to Taiwan and published in the newspaper.

Also, there are many doubtful stories about the Chinese Gender Prediction Chart appearing in the Internet. For instance, this calendar was found in a tomb of Qing Dynasty’s loyal family. Or, the paper was lying under the ground of a storage room of Qing Dynasty’s Forbidden City. The ancient chart works following the Yin Yang theory, Five Elements (Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth), and Eight Trigrams (Pa Kua). In fact, the Chinese Academy of Sciences Research Center has studied about this ‘prediction chart’.

How Does the Chinese Baby Gender Chart Work?

The Pregnancy Calendar works based on 2 major elements; which are a woman’s Chinese age and the conception month. All the dates are calculated on the Chinese lunar date format, which originated from Chinese calendar. Now, the chart for 2017-2018 is available for using online. Simply leave your date of birth and the expected year of conception in the form given by different sites. Then, tap on the ‘Get Chinese Gender Chart‘ button to receive the results. The online system will do the calculations to provide you an accurate prediction.

Ideally, the Chinese Gender Calendar 2017 is primarily used to foretell the gender of the unborn baby during your pregnancy period. Still, a reverse calculation of the dates will help you change the actual sex of the child by your favorite one accurately.