Chinese Gender Calculator – An Ancient Practice

Having baby is a gifted ability which the Creator has given to a vast majority of women. Only women have rights to enjoy the mood of carrying a baby developing in her bodies, thankfully. It is obvious that during the period of pregnancy, almost all expectant mothers are very curious about their babies’ genders, whether it is a boy or a girl.

Expectant mothers, if you can’t stand waiting for the use of ultrasound scan to see how the pregnancy is progressing, why don’t you try Chinese Gender Calculator?

Chinese Gender Calculator – An Ancient Practice

It is informed that Chinese Gender Calculator has based on Chinese Gender Chart, which is discovered in a royal tomb during the Ming Dynasty more than 700 years ago. Up to now, this ancient practice has widely been used to predict a baby’s gender although no evidence has ever been provided to prove its accuracy and reliability.

However, let’s face the fact that there are only two options – boy or girl; thus, at least 50 percent Chinese Gender Calculator will “hit the nail on the head”.

How does Chinese Gender Calculator work?

Expectant mothers who are on the gender quest just need to supply two core issues: Mother’s Age At Conception and The Month Baby Conceived. Once submitting the two required points, within minutes, the automatic calculator will bring the baby’s gender to light.

Chinese Gender Calculator is provided online just for entertainment purposes only. Everyone is advised not to take it seriously or heavily rely on it to predict your baby’s gender. Generally speaking, whatever the baby’s gender is, every baby should be considered as “lotus bulb” which thirsts for parents’ nurture with great care and love. Knowing baby gender mainly for fun, a pregnant woman is very wise when she holds her head high and allows the free flowing soul in order to wait for her baby born, which will make her soul blossom indeed.

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