Will your strongest genetic features be passed on to your soon-to-be newborn? Will he look like you or your spouse? Which factor can affect your baby’s skin color? Whether you will have a boy or girl?

It is impossible to guess how our baby will look like since nothing is straightforward in genetics. Furthermore, the rules are very complicated and intricate. Even some skillful and experienced scientists often find it difficult to seek for the reasons why in some cases most of the members in a family look alike. Of course, certain genes will be expressing themselves in the dominant way, yet it is hard to understand exactly how they work.

How will be skin color determined in newborns?

It is supposed that skin color is mainly determined by melanin presence and the inherited trait. Obviously, this may change over the period of the lifetime via environmental means including skin conditions and sun exposure. Skin color is one of the typical examples of polygenic inheritance that indicates the multiple genes will collectively affect phenotypic expression of the trait. Actually, there will be many different genes which regulate a wide range of the processes of melanin production.

Baby Skin Predictor – It Is All About Genes

This image can scratch surface of how complicated genetic inheritance of skin color is. Here is a rule: “The more high pigmentation genes an individual has, the darker his skin will be”. This can be one of the reasons why most of the mixed race kids possess the intermediate skin tone between their beloved parents. It is occurred that most traits like hair color, skin color and height are the surprising result of numerous genes working together although some of them are still unidentified.

How do genes influence the baby’s skin color?

Actually, the genetic determination of people skin color still remains mysteries, even to lots of the experts.

The melanin and pigment passed on to our unborn baby by us, determines skin tone. Similarly, he may inherit our hair color, eye color and even skin color. The type and amount of melanin passed on to our kid will be determined by lots of genes (about six), in which is inherited from us and one from our husband.

If both of us are a mixed-raced couple, our soon-to-be newborn will get half of each parent’s skin color genes randomly. Therefore, he shall usually inherit a blend of both. Because genes are passed on randomly, it may be impossible to predict what our baby’s skin color will be. Of course, he can appear anywhere in between. In some special cases, his skin may be outside us and our partner’s traits.

In the same sense, in case both is a mixed-race parent, and our kid is born with the dark skin, at that time, a sibling or non-identical twin may be born with the highly different skin tone.

How to guess your baby’s skin color?

Although genes have a profound impact on our child’s skin, some of us can desire to know it beforehand. It is a right time to enter some kids-related websites such as Yahoo answers, Babycenter, Allexpert, etc. and then leave our question on the empty blank. Try to keep this query specific and clear as much as possible. Don’t forget to include the skin color of us and our partner for more obvious. Here is an example:
I and my sweetheart are white, but his father is dark. What type of skin color our baby can get?

Just post our inquiry, and wait for a few days, many compassionate visitors who have great experience will lend us a hand.

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