Are you very eager to discover the growth of your kid? Would you like to know how tall your baby is? It is hard to deny the fact that height is determined by genetic factors. Bear in mind that nutrition also plays a main role in the baby’s height. Amazingly, most of the kids have the similar length at birth. However, when they reach adulthood, the differences in height will be considerable. As the parents, we are strongly advised to meet the pediatrician frequently.

For parents who are extremely curious to know what height their kids will be in the future, here are 2 methods they may give it a try. According to the professor David Ravine – the Head of Medical Genetics from the Western Australian Institute for Medical Research (WAIMR), as a rough rule, the child’s height when becoming an adult may be estimated fairly well via doubling the height achieved at two years of age. Another method is to take advantage of some online services on the Web such as Baby Height Predictor, Kid’s Height Calculator, Child’s Height Predictor, etc.

Which factors can determine baby’s height?

According to David Ravine, there will be a long list of genes that have a profound influence on everyone’s height. In general, an individual’s height will surely reflect the heights of his parents. More importantly, environment may also have a big impact as well. For instance, childhood malnutrition is able somewhat to have a devastating influence upon the development and ultimate kid height. For the most cases, nutrition in utero and in some first few years of life can have an effect on the height that a child shall grow to.

Interestingly, in each person, there is likely to have a complex mix of genes coded for bone growth, hormones development and metabolic enzymes. All seem to play a key and major role in normal development. In fact, this can account for approximately 70% for the impact on our little kid’s eventual height.

Baby Height Predictor

How about the remaining 30%?David Ravine states “Nutrition has an influence on how people’s bodies form and grow; thus, at vital growing phases in the early years, our bodies will need the proper nutrients to satisfy the long-term growth potential”. As a result, the pregnant women have to make sure that their diet is nutritious, and can support the development of their unborn babies in utero. For the toddlers and growing kids, the adequate is very necessary and important.

As usual, a doctor shall make use of the growth chart to track our baby’s development. Of course, this will give us two benefits:

  • Firstly, it can show us how our little child is growing comparable to other kids of the same ages and sexes.
  • Secondly, this chart will also enable doctors and nurses to see exactly the pattern of the weight and height gain over time, as well as whether our baby is developing proportionately or not.

A glance at the height formula

  • For baby boys:

Take their parents’ heights in centimeters, and then add them together. After that, divide this number by 2. It is time to add 6.5 centimeters to that number. Of course, this number will be the mid-parental heights for any baby boy.

  • For baby girls:

Take their parents’ heights in centimeters, and then add them together. Next, divide this number by 2. Don’t hesitate to subtract 6.5 centimeters to that number. Of course, this number will be the mid-parental heights for any baby girl.

One of the easiest ways to predict our baby’s height is to visit some websites on the Internet. Just simply enter our kid’s gender, age, mother’s height and father’s height, we can know how tall our child is.

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