Whether we decide to make use of ultrasound technology to identify the gender of our unborn baby or not, why don’t we give the Old Wives’ Tales predictions – one of the funny and amazing methods – a try? Here is a right time for us to consider some safe queries about Baby Gender Predictor to determine if we have a boy or girl right now!

A brief overview of Baby Sex Predictor Quiz

In fact, we can find it easy to search for these great services on the Internet. All things we need to do are to give the best and most accurate answer to each provided quiz. Some typical examples of these questions include:

Baby Gender Predictor Quiz

1. Stand in front of the mirror and look at your belly. Is your unborn baby bump high or directly under your chest? Is it low on your belly?

Rumor has said that if we are carrying our baby high, we should expect a girl now! On the other hand, if our belly is low, we will welcome a boy in the near future.

2. Grab a mirror and check your skin. Do you see that during pregnancy, your acne seems to be gone, and you face looks smooth and healthy?

Legends say that if we are carrying a girl, she shall steal our beauty. As a result, if we have got acne and our complexion is not so pretty good, a little princess will come to our life soon. A prince should be expected if our skin is healthy and smooth. In some cases, cold feet and dry hands are some signs of the baby boy.

3. It is time to use your wedding ring and tie it to a piece of string. After that, hang it over your belly. What do you see? Does it swing as a pendulum or in a circle?

It is believed that if our wedding ring swings in a circle, we are promised to have a son. On the contrary, in case it swings back and forth, we will expect a little daughter.

4. Next time, you should visit OB/GYN to ask what the heart rate of your soon-to-be baby is. Is the number more than 140 beats per minute?

Actually, our baby’s heart rate will be a useful indicator of its sex. If our little one’s heart rate is over 140 beats per minute, we will have a little girl. In case, it is under, get ready to welcome our boy!

5. Here is a right time to check your spouse out. Has he been indulging in your pregnancy cravings, too? Is he gaining weight with you or even more than you during pregnancy?

In case our hubby gets a little sympathy weight, the tales suppose that we are carrying a sugary-sweet little daughter. If he is the same size as normal, a baby boy will be welcomed soon.

6. How about the morning sickness? Have you been fine, and wondered why someone makes a fuss about it during your first trimester?

Truly, morning sickness means pink (a girl). During our first trimester, if we definitely are stricken with the queasy stomach, think about ribbons and bows. In case we go through pregnancy without an upset stomach, it is time to consider blue (a boy).

Please keep in mind that these quizzes are intended for fun. In fact, they are based on some old experiences, not any scientific proof. This can be something that our great-grandma reveals when we are in pregnancy. Therefore, don’t too panic if our ultrasound gives us a result while these predictions say another one. Try to visit a doctor for ultrasound once our baby is over 18 weeks.

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