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Author: Shirley Whitfield

How To Make A Baby Boy Within Chinese Birth Chart

It is taken for granted that babies of all genders need to be treated with parents’ care and love. While a baby boy is cute for his activeness, a baby girl looks attractive for her loveliness, in general. Nevertheless, the vast majority of expectant parents are fond of making a baby boy rather than a girl. If it is your case, it is delighted to inform you that the purposefully baby-making sex can be adjusted as your expectation by following the antique wisdom of Chinese Birth Chart. When it comes to Gender selection, there exist numerous debates and controversies...

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Scoop a Look at Chinese Zodiac Dragon Characteristics in 2017

Placed in the fifth positions in the Chinese Zodiac calendar, Dragon is seen as the noble symbol of Chinese nation and culture. From the ancient time to today, people n China still regard themselves as descendents of this imaginary creature. It always represents authority, luck, dignity, honor, and good fortune. If your birth year is the year of Dragon, you’ll be blessed with lots of impressive traits – powerful, innovative, brave, kind-hearted, courageous, enterprising, and successful. By accessing to the topic – Chinese Zodiac Dragon Characteristics, you’ll gain more interesting information about this virtual animal. Advertisements Considered as a...

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6 Weeks Pregnant

Having a baby developing in your body is one of the most hilarious experiences that you are luckily gifted with as the healthy women. Passing through the 5th week of pregnancy, how do you feel now? When it comes to week 6, it is possible to sense the baby’s face. Look at the mirror and guess how you baby looks like! Advertisements Baby’s Existence in Week 6 Of Pregnancy What parts of the baby’s body that you wish to know? The lovely and adorable face is going to develop with the construction of jaw, chin, cheeks, eyes, nose, and...

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Chinese Zodiac Rabbit 2017 Forecast in the Red Monkey Year

Stepping to this Monkey year, the Rabbit natives will have a lot of fortunes to accomplish all the jobs smoothly & easily. Together with great effort and talent, your career will be brought to a new milestone. And, according to the Chinese Zodiac Rabbit 2017 Forecast, you should be prudent and carefully in financial management; also, there will be small twists and turns if you go out the year 2017, i.e. loss of luggage, weather changes, etc. During this period, remember to keep your tongue in your jaw and your toe in your pump, and it’ll be a year...

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How To Use Chinese Gender Chart Correctly?

Identifying the baby’s gender is not be a big challenge in the modern era of science and technology, thanks to the support from such the great machines like Ultrasound and CT Scan being widely spread all over the globe. Take a time to think about the times when humans didn’t even know the basis of conception and birth. Thus, during these dark ages, the Chinese found a calendar to guess the sexes of the children before they were born. Actually, the calculations relating to the predictions have proved right in some situations, making it inevitable to suppose that the...

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