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Author: Shirley Whitfield

Chinese Gender Astrology Calculator

Chinese Astrology This variant of horoscope has its origin in both astronomy and Chinese calendar. It started to grow strongly in Han dynasty (between the second century BC and second century AD). It’s also close to the Chinese philosophy in some ways, and has some connections with the union of three vital elements including earth, water and heaven. Yin and Yang concept can be seen in this form of astrology, and it mostly involves the opposite forces depending on one another in this world. There are many dual traits like light and darkness, high and low, life and death,...

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17 Weeks Pregnant

When it comes to 17 weeks pregnant, the mothers-to-be begin feeling that the growing baby is moving slightly inside the wombs. Week 17 marks the changes of the little one on pounds (about 150g). Right in this milestone, the baby is growing very rapidly. It is reported that the little ones’ faces look entirely like humans. Especially, their eyebrows and eyelashes have begun to develop. Regardless of this, their eyelids are still fused shut even though the eyes can be moved around. That is what science says about the baby! How about the pregnant moms? What happens to them...

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Chinese Birth Chart

One actual Chinese birth chart or natal chart would be supposedly designed for the divination purposes, like predicting the real gender of an unborn baby at around 93% of accuracy. This is such a great opportunity for everyone to be able to figure out whether that legend has come to the reality or not. What we commonly know about this method is how an ancient calendar really helps every mother-to-be to get a quick glimpse at their own babies before the date of their birth. This is actually a simple quiz for them to complete. Guess what? The potential...

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How Accurate Is The Chinese Gender Prediction Chart?

Whether you’ve got pregnant or not, the Chinese Birth Chart (also referred to as Chinese Gender Chart) is beneficial to all women who desire to fulfill their marital zones with kids’ laughter. Embracing the glorious history associated with the royal use, the ancient tool is now widely searched and followed by the expectant mothers from all corners of the globe. There exist numerous doubtful stories generating the accuracy of the Chinese Chart. Believe them or not, the Chart is definitely uplifting and revealing enough to clear all of your inner doubt or anxiety about the unborn kids’ sex. Advertisements...

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21 Weeks Pregnant – Get to Know Symptoms, Tips, and What to Expect

Do you want to observe the baby’s growth? When you’re at 21 weeks pregnant, you may feel your little child’s fluttering movements (on a regular basis). Are you ready, mama? As you continue your pregnancy, you can notice that you become increasingly protective and attached to the baby. Feeling him/her kicks is one of the most incredibly magical parts of being pregnant. Advertisements During week 21 of pregnancy, both mom and baby seem to be cruising right along. According to the ‘week by week pregnancy calendar‘, you’re halfway through your pregnancy term and 2nd semester. Once reaching this stage,...

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