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Author: Shirley Whitfield

20 Weeks Pregnant

During 20 weeks of pregnancy we have got a heavyweight in our belly. Our little angel weighs about ten ounces, and has a height of six and a half inches. Funnily, it can make us think of an image of a small cantaloupe. While our unborn kid is surely getting bigger, there will be still plenty of growing rooms in there, enabling him to twist and turn, as well as allowing us to feel his/her acrobatics! How About Our Baby At 20 Weeks? Being 20 weeks pregnant, our child is able to measure about 16.5cm and ideally formed as...

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19 Weeks Pregnant

It is the big hilarious news to get informed of the pregnant status, surely. When progressing in time, the pregnant women mostly experience lots of new feelings and changes in their own systems. In reference to 19 weeks pregnant, the moms’ curiosity about the little ones’ growth has been increased over time. Since the pregnancy has gone halfway period in the 19th week, knowing more about the fetal development and mother’s changes help the pregnant ladies to feel released! Fetal Development in 19 Weeks of Pregnancy Informatively, the top of your womb (uterus) now reaches the belly button and...

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2017 Chinese Zodiac Dragon Predictions

The New Year will soon come, and the Dragon natives are forecasted to gain lots of successes through this Red Fire Monkey year. The 2017 Chinese Zodiac Dragon Predictions advise you to follow your intuition (an inner voice) strongly to cross any obstacle in life. Focus on completing all the pending tasks and projects; thus, you wouldn’t have any time for resting and relaxing. Don’t run away from responsibilities; instead, face the challenges with confidence and courage. The middle of 2017 might brings unexpected problems to the Dragon. Ask for others’ assistance, if necessary! Considered as the fifth animal...

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Best Method For Pregnancy

Are you trying to get pregnant in this year? You’re looking for the best method for pregnancy from your mothers, your friends, or even books about pregnancy, aren’t you? But, you need to determine the ovulation in order to fertilize successfully at first. 3 best methods for uncovering the ovulation Sketch pregnant woman’s temperature This is an old technique so that you can uncover the fertility. It usually bases on the morning body temperature is quite higher in the second part of the menstrual cycle (after the ovulation), than the first part. Normally, you will have a low temperature...

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Shettles Method Of Gender Selection

These days, gender selection is always considered as an influential topic of pregnancy and childbirth. A recent survey showed that only approximately 17% of ladies did not have a preference for the genders of their unborn babies. The strong desire to know the sexes of the kids has led towards a large number of theories on how to get pregnant with the girls or boys of our dreams. It is supposed that the Shettles Method has been around for centuries, created by Dr. Landrum Shettles. Actually, Dr. Shettles based his methods on the great belief that the X and...

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