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Author: Shirley Whitfield

Chinese Zodiac 2017 Dog Predictions

Access to the ‘Chinese Zodiac 2017 Dog Predictions‘ report and learn more about this animal. Those ruled by the Dog are considered as the honest, friendly, and trustworthy people. In love, you’re not only protective and generous, but you also have a strong sense of justice. This animal’s nature is an excellent intuition; that can explain why you usually figure out the situations immediately. Hmm…what are waiting for you in the future? Let’s find out now! Advertisements In the coming year, you’ll be offered tons of chances in life. Basically, you’ve got the emotional satisfaction as the Dog might...

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Baby Eye Color Prediction

Lots of talented and experienced researchers have studied eye colors, and they have believed that eye colors have often followed the Mendelian genetic rules. While brown eyes are considered to be dominant, blue eyes are known to be recessive. As a result, if both patents have the blue-colored eyes, it means that the eye colors of their babies can inevitably match their ones. However, according to many scientists, eye colors are the polygenic traits containing more than 1 gene. How to calculate your baby’s eye color? This article will lend you a hand. Advertisements Some tips on calculating the...

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Chinese Zodiac Tiger Years – What are Your Personality Traits?

The Tiger (寅) is the third animal which appears in the Chinese zodiac cycle related to the lunar calendar. 2017, as you all know, is the year of Monkey…what will happen to people born in the year of Tiger? At first, take a look at Chinese Zodiac Tiger Years and other elements related to this sign: Advertisements Years of the Tiger: 1914, 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010, 2022 Lucky colors: blue, orange, grey, and white (*avoid: brown) Lucky flowers: yellow lily and cineraria Lucky numbers: 1, 3, and 4 (*avoid: 6, 7, and 8) Are you...

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Gain Insights into Chinese Zodiac Rabbit Personality in 2017

Are you a “Rabbit”? This animal keeps the fourth position in the Chinese Zodiac cycle. For a long time, the rabbit is seen as a tame creature which represents for hope, longevity, discretion, and fortune. According to Chinese Zodiac Rabbit Personality, people born under this sign are kind-hearted, intelligent, cautious, friendly, skillful, gentle, and quick. It’s easy to make friends with them since they’re approachable. Instead of arguing with others, the Rabbits dislike fighting and tend to find solutions through negotiation and compromise. Among 12 animal sign, this creature is the most delicate one. Advertisements However, on the negative...

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Chinese Zodiac Snake Personality in the Year 2017 – What is Special?

Among the Chinese Zodiac animals, Snake ranked the sixth position. Because of the pliable appearance, it’s always considered as a cunning and sly creature. In fact, whoever was born under this sign is pretty charming and popular since they own the irresistible magnet from the Snake. These people ruled by this animal are known for some positive characteristics, such as agility, intelligence, attraction, discretion, and full of sympathy for others. However, sometimes, they seem to be arrogant, greedy, lazy, and indulging in self-admiration. Follow the post: Chinese Zodiac Snake Personality, if you want to gain deep insights into this...

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